21 thoughts on “Presented Without Comment

  1. kind of scary that he looks so comfy and happy…I guess memories of that Furries and Plushies convention w/JimmyJeff are flooding his chickpea-sized brain.

  2. If you haven’t already seen this, here’s what the Easter Bunny is doing the other 364 days. Caution– if at work use headphones.

  3. At least the Easter Bunny is more real than the WMDs he tried to find..

  4. Slim, you beat me to a Harvey comment. But, I’ll add mine anyway… the rabbit could be Harvey but GWB ain’t Jimmy Stewart.

  5. Classic yin/yang, plus/minus. One represents new life, the advent of Spring, bright colors and the solemn comfort of family and community. The other represents death, darkness, decay and the pain and suffering of tragedy.
    The closest Bush has ever come to Spring is that musical number from ‘The Producers’.
    I know, let’s make the Easter Bunny real and Bush becomes fictional.

  6. What gives? I saw a You Tube clip last year after Easter where Cheney shot the wabbit on the white house lawn. Must have been only a flesh wound, and now all is forgiven.

  7. sparrow, that rabbit died, but then rolled back the cave door, saw his shadow and was resurrected for this year.

  8. virgotex,
    it was only severely stunned by a wee bit of bloodloss and shock, they put the bunneh in a FEMA trailer until it opened the door three days later to get away from the fumes and it became a ‘murracle’.

  9. W has finally met someone to whom he concedes intellectual superiority!

  10. President Bush on Sunday consulted with his newly-appointed Deputy Foreign Policy Adviser in charge of Middle East issues.

  11. Well, at least Georgie Peorgie will have somebody to comfort him after his pResidency is over–’cause Laura sure ain’t sticking around, unless the clan coughs up enough dough to buy away her self-esteem.

  12. “Hey, what are you doing in that stupid rabbit costume?”
    “Well, what are you doing in that stupid person costume?”

  13. Paging Mr. Rude Pundit. Mr. Rude Pundit please report to first-draft.

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