Trust Us. We’re the Government.

Revised and updated.

This is why you don’t pass shit like the Patriot Act.

Now, before some jackass jumps up and says that drug dealers and gang members are scum, blah blah blah, remember–the fucking Patriot Act was put in place to fight “terrorism.” We already have lots and lots of laws regarding drug dealing and gang activity–activities which can only be described as “terrorism” if that term is so broadly defined as to include virtually any illegal acts. And the government swore up and down that the powers granted to it under the Patriot Act would be used judiciously and sparingly to keep Americans safe. Ahem. Ha ha!

Once more: This is why you don’t trust the government, or any institution, to rein itself in. You’d think we’d have learned that lesson by now. Self-regulation in government always, always fails. I think I’m gonna go drink with Scout now.

6 thoughts on “Trust Us. We’re the Government.

  1. Tom Delay already opened that door when he used DHS resources to track the Texas Dem delegation in ’03.
    Don’t like my redistricting scheme? You’re a terrorist.
    The Department of TrustUs is out of control.

  2. I can’t find the reference, but I remember reading that the “You must show your driver’s license and sign a book to get Sudafed” rules were created under Patriot Act provisions–somewhere in the “controlling dangerous substances” section, IIRC.
    If that’s true, the most visible impact of the Patriot Act on most people’s lives is “I can’t get my freaking sinus medicine anymore!”

  3. Librals are an act of terror (just ask O’Reilley). Dems are an act of terror when they give speeches about their church pastors. Minimum age workers asking for a raise are terrorists (extra points if they picket).
    What is amazing to me is how the conservative statements now mirror the statements of the WH in the 50s and 60s.

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