Your President Speaks!

Today, inWashington, before a meeting of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Prove The Agreement!

Members of both parties should come together, members of both parties should demonstrate their support for freedom in our hemisphere, and members of both parties should prove the — approve the Colombian free trade agreement.

Treat America Unequally!

I can’t understand a mentality that doesn’t recognize that causing America to be treated equally is not in our interests.

Drain Bamage

We want negotiations to come from — as a result of meaningful contributions by all folks.

There Is Neighbors

There’s neighbors worrying about neighbors losing jobs.

Fails Econ 101

The more competition it is for a product, the less likely it is the price will rise.

But Can You Dance To It?

You know, they toss out the word “timeout” from trade — it’s got this kind of catchy little title to it.

What This Program Has Got

One reason I mentioned No Child Left Behind, this program has got to start early, and it is.

The United StatesAnd America

It’s mutually beneficial for Canada, the United States and America — I mean, Mexico.

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