Your President Speaks! AGAIN!

Today, inNeptun, Romania.

Intentions To Intend

Summits are for opportunities for people to make clear their intentions about how they intend to support this very important mission.

To Help Succeed

But in this case, it’s in our interest to help succeed because we don’t want an enemy that has been known to attack people — nations in our Alliance to be able to develop safe haven again, to be able to use a launching pad like Afghanistan to plot, plan and attack.

What Our Allies Have Got

And our allies have got to understand it’s hard.

The President Is Worth It

So the question nations have to ask: Is it worth it? And my answer is, absolutely, it’s worth it — and so is the President — it’s worth it for our own security, and it’s worth it for the cause of peace.

Promote To Promote

We need to promote the scenario where you can promote energy independence.

Never Become Captured

All nations ought to have a variety of sources of energy from which to choose, so it’s never become captured by a single supplier.

There Is Areas

Obviously I’ve had my disagreements with the President in the past, and — but there’s also areas where we need to work in common, such as proliferation and dealing with terror.

Expanding Interests

I made it clear yesterday that NATO needs to look at expansion in our interests, not — and not give any nation a veto power over whether or not NATO ought to extend MAP membership and/or membership.

Meeting As A Presidency

And secondly — and this is his last — this will be our last face-to-face meeting as a presidency, and I’ll thank him.

Find A Codiality

Just because you don’t agree on issues doesn’t mean you can’t find a cordiality, to be able to discuss things in a frank manner, and that’s the way our relationship has been.

The Global War On Articles Continues

And he made it abundantly clear that visa policy in America must take into account Romanian past, and also Romanian future and present.

Understands The Contradictions

And I assured the President that we will work with him as best as we can to adhere to our law and to, at the same time, understands the contradictions.

What We All Got To Guard About

And obviously, to the extent that somebody tries to come and not come back is something we all got to guard about.

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  1. “And what will you have?”
    “Make mine the scrambled President’s brains, with a side of bacon, please.”

  2. Even the White House transcribers seem to be incompetent hacks.
    Waitaminute. . .they’re actually doing a GOOD job?!!!

  3. Has anyone kept track of all of the things this bozo thinks are “hard”? He surely loves to note that something is “hard”. Hmmmm…Freudian??

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