New Orleans City Council Vote

In a 7-0 vote the New Orleans City Council just approved of the demolition of the Lafitte housing project.

Link when available (I’m watching the live feed of the council meeting)

UPDATE: There is another vote to come. where you can find updates…

The City Council is about to vote over whether to grant demolition
permits for the four largest public housing developments in New
Orleans, blessing HANO’s plans to destroy 4,534 units total at B.W.
Cooper, Lafitte, C.J. Peete and St. Bernard.

Each council member is making a statement. So far, Shelley Midura,
Stacy Head and Cynthia Hedge-Morrell have all indicated they will vote
for the demolitions.

UPDATE: As expected it looks that demolition will pass. From same link as above …

Fourth City Council Member indicates she will vote for demolition

Cynthia Willard-Lewis just indicated she will be the fourth council
member to approve demolition of four public housing developments,
giving HANO a majority vote to proceed with its plans to level the
complexes to make room for “mixed income” communities with modern

Willard-Lewis, who called the HANO motion a good one, joins Stacy
Head, Shelley Midura and Cynthia Hedge-Morrell in having just made
statements to the chamber audience that the redevelopment of public
housing must take place in New Orleans.

No vote has taken place yet.

UPDATE: The Council just approved demolitions by a 7-0 vote.


5 thoughts on “New Orleans City Council Vote

  1. The vague radio coverage I heard earlier made it sound as if there was quite a bit of disturbance in front of the meeting hall. I hope everyone is fine.
    ¿What are the next moves by local groups to fight the demolition?
    Buena suerte.

  2. WTF?? Why wouldn’t you build the new first and then when everyone is moved, knock down the old. Surely it is not for lack of land or that housing is too expensive. Totally fucked up. Those people cannot catch a break. I would become violent too, I imagine.

  3. Commenters here and at Swampland responded with a wonderful bunch of suggestions. I don’t think we really have a winner yet, but I figured I’d list my favorites. Most fall into the category of probably- too- clever- to- last catch on , with at the top of the list the two names Duncan Black has been giving the crisis at Eschaton: Big S** tpile and, more recently, Jenga (which is a game that involves building a tower out of wooden blocks, then seeing how much taller you can make it by pulling blocks out from…

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