Your President Speaks!

Today, inBucharest, Romania.

I Say Tomahto

This week, our Alliance must also decide how to respond to the requests by Georgia and Ukraine to participate in NATO’s Membership Action Plan. These two nations inspired the world with their Rose and Orange Revolutions — and now they’re working to consolidate their democratic gains and cement their independence. Welcoming them into the MATO [sic] — into the Membership Action Plan would send a signal to their citizens that if they continue on the path to democracy and reform they will be welcomed into the institutions of Europe.

Rhyme Time

Afghanistan is the most daring and ambition [sic] mission in the history of NATO.

He meant “Afghaninato”

Our Alliance must maintain its resolve and finish the fight in NATO [sic].

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  1. It’s highly unlikely that the twit could find Georgia and Ukraine on the map.

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