He Ain’t Goin Nowhere

FromThe Swamp at the Baltimore Sun:

Here’s a switch. A press release in which a high-ranking Bush Administration official claims he’ not leaving.

FEMA Administrator David Paulison this afternoon
put out a strongly worded declaration that, contrary to media reports,
he’s not not going anywhere.

That passes for news in the last year of a lame duck presidency
generously sprinkled with top level boards and commissions lacking
enough members for quorums and by a rush for the exits among senior
officials. (See yesterday’sannounced departure of embattled HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson.)

Moving on is a fact of transitions, he said, but not imminent.

“It is a fact that I serve President Bush, and therefore my service
will end when we move into the next administration,” he said.
“However, I can assure you that this announcement is not imminent. I
have no job offers and have no plans to leave FEMA at this time.”

Errrr cue song I guess…”You Ain’t going Nowhere.” Also seeThe Radiators cover but I have a soft spot in my heart for Mary so…

OK major crush…so I’ll never work atJustice