This Is A Test

Let’s see how Yoo do on this quick test…

Could be applied to much of what the Bush administration has gotten away with. But just a thought for today…white team = Pvt. Lyndie England and company…moonwalking bear =Yooandcompany

2 thoughts on “This Is A Test

  1. hoppy says:

    Hey Scout! That was neat! And, no I didn’t see a moonwalking bear until I was alerted to look for a moon walking bear. That’s the first time I have seen John Yoo.

  2. joe says:

    John Yoo is at the Boalt Hall School of Law in Berkeley, CA.
    Check this link and send him a nasty personal greeting.
    If you can get behind it, please, pass it on.
    I am so sick of these self important
    little turkeys and their ignorant ways of screwing up my country.

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