Further Feith thoughts and information atFiredoglake. Thanks to Jane, Dave Neiwert, Thers, Atta and the whole crew over there for making me welcome. You can also check out thisKos diary, which was my first one over there, at least in recent memory.

Thanks to everybody who’s linked to this. Leftward blogs need all the help we can get reminding people that long before it was convenient, we were actually right.


7 thoughts on “MOAR FEITH

  1. Excellent post. Keep on rocking. Just wanted to let you know – on the home blog…

  2. …only on KOS would someone equate Doug Feith with Noam Chomsky.
    Excellent posts, both of them, A. Is FDL going to be a regular gig?
    Don’t forget us little people, ‘k?

  3. Thanks, jrs.
    Virgo, far as I know it’s a one-time thing. It’s up to them, I’m not gonna boil ’em a bunny or anything. 🙂

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