Speaking to a group of business folk in Texas, Jeb Bush expressed his skepticism of global warming.The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Bush said those who advocate action to limit climate change are acting out of something like religious zeal.

“I don’t think our policies should be based on emotion; they should be based on sound science,” he said.

Rather than reducing oil consumption, Bush said the United States
should focus on “energy security” — reducing dependence on oil
imported from hostile or politically unstable countries by encouraging
alternative fuels.

Would you have expected anything else from a member of the Bush oil family? But the best part of the article comes at the end when the Sentinel reports that Jeb! “took a swipe at Florida’s alligators.”

Bush told the Texas audience how he repeatedly vetoed spending state money to market alligator meat.

“Alligators proliferate in Florida. They eat small dogs,” Bush said. “We don’t need to market them, we need to kill them.”

After a slight pause, he added, “Is this open to the press?”


10 thoughts on “Jeb!

  1. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy not having Jeb Bush as Governor. He was every bit the unconstitutional asshole his brother is in the White House, only on the state level. Why couldn’t Harpy Barb impose whoremonger Neil and Marvin on our country instead of Jeb & George?

  2. It’s no wonder that in Polish, “Jeb!” means “Screw!” — as in the imperative/command form of the verb “to fuck.”
    It’s his core competence.
    Let’s hope his older brother has forever ruined the family brand and makes their name a Permanent Four-Letter Word — ideally, one engraved on box seats in the 9th circle of Hell.

  3. Of course, with a little sea rise due to global warming, the whole state of Florida will be underwater. So why do the Floridians want to hasten this?

  4. Maple, so that Disney can buy the sunken state on the cheap and create the Mickey Mouse’s Atlantis Adventure Park w/special guest SCUBA-gear Ariel the Mermaid! Duh! 🙂
    Just watch out for the ‘gators the shrubbites DIDN’T just haul off and kill for NO good reason.
    (alligator does taste good… But, I don’t know, are they less impactful on the environment to raise vs cattle/pigs?)

  5. I just got back from a trip through the Everglades and had some delicious alligator fritters on the Miccosukee Reservation (their pumpkin bread is also heavenly, if you’re ever there). And as for the reptiles themselves, they wereeverywhere – we got stopped behind a road patching crew on Alligator Alley and there were half a dozen gators in the canal right next to the car, all within about the same 10 square yards of water. We couldn’t count the number we saw just driving along – there were too many.
    So, I’d say, yeah, much more environmentally friendly than cattle. After all, they’re indigenous, and they thrive without growing corn for feed (with all its fertilizer and oil consumption), and you don’t have the runoff issues.
    And the bonus: no more yappy chihuahuas!

  6. ‘Gators aren’t a problem if idiots would treat them like the wild animals they are, and stop doing stupid things like feeding them. It does not occur to immigrants, like former gov John Ellis Bush, that once you establish the link in the primitive mind of a ‘gator between people and food the results are quite predictable.
    If you don’t want a ‘gator to eat your dog, put up a fence, they aren’t known for their ability to climb.

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