The Silent Service Speaks Out. Just a Little.

Yeah, yeah. More sailor shit.

The New YorkTimes has aninteresting piece today about the 1970 voyage of the USSQueenfish (SSN-651) under the Arctic icepack. 

This may not interest too many people other than myself, but I’m posting it anyway.

But Jude, you may ask, why does this interest you? That’s a good question. It turns out that I spent a number of years under the world’s oceans on board the black hulls of the US Navy’s submarine fleet. Yes. And I’m still a godless liberal. I guess I wasn’t a “real” sailor if I’m a heathen lefty, huh?

First Popeye and now this. I might have to add a new category for “sailor shit” if this keeps up.

In other science-type news, I’ve been meaning to say something about this for a few days, but other things (economic collapse, gay-bashing legislators, big-ass holidays) have been distracting me. The shuttle astronauts are currently in orbit, adding to the ISS. What are they adding? Our doom, that’s what. 

Astronauts Build ‘Monster’ Robot in Space

This can only mean one thing. I think you know what it is.

We’re doomed. Doomed!

12 thoughts on “The Silent Service Speaks Out. Just a Little.

  1. We’re doomed. Doomed!
    Well, I suspect we’ll be OK until 26 minutes into the episode. Once they form the Blazing Sword, though, we’re toast.

  2. Well, Jude, I too spent approximately 4 years of my life submerged for Uncle. I too ended up a godless liberal. I think that periscope depth runs and blowing sanitaries did it.

  3. Shit, Redcane. Thanks for bringing those awful-scented memories to mind. I’ll keep that in mind when it’s Christmas card time.

  4. That’s funny, A.
    Just a reality dose, Jude, for when we forget what it was really like. Not that I didn’t enjoy it immensely and spent 20 years doing it.

  5. Speaking of the polar ice and Canada and things, that’s sort of a touchy subject for me, considering that the US government is trying to get the NW Passage declared “international waters” so they can use it without consulting Canada, despite its being within our maritime limit. In other words, it’s ours, so don’t get grabby and play nice, and we’ll share. ‘Course, nobody ever taught Shrubbo about not getting grabby, playing nice, or the concept of “sharing,” so I’m not really surprised.
    The Canadian space robot is calledDextre.

  6. No, Jude. We’re only doomed if they build the one made out of the five lions. The little cars version? Waaayyyyy too complicated.
    And yes, I can also do a really good Cheetara impression. My dorkitude knows no bounds.

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