What This Has Been About

With all the speculation about if/when Hillary will drop out, and who Obama’s VP is going to be, and what’s going to happen with her supporters, and how she’ll campaign with him or not, it will be very easy to get swept up in the immediate future and forget the immediate past. We shouldn’t forget it, though:

Let’s not kid ourselves in hindsight, okay? Whatever she’s done that you hate (hell, that I hate), this is what’s been done TO her, and it’s not okay. The above isn’t okay. This isn’t okay:

This isn’t okay:

And this isn’t okay:

And whatever else has gone on, and will go on, for as long as she stays in the race, let’s not make the mistake of thinking that her political strategy excuses for one instant this kind of bullshit. There is no excuse for it. It is not okay.


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  1. for some reason, the clinton do make people insane. shame she FED them more and gave us reason to agree with THEM. plus that DLC terry m issue.

  2. You are so right. I think that–I hope that–this has been a wake up call for men of the progressive/left side of things, especially those with daughters/wives/sisters to see just how thin the veneer of humanity is when it comes to strong women. There has been a lot of talk about how its “just politics” or “the same things get said about the men” but the fact of the matter is its really the oppposite–sure some hateful/hurtful things get said about male candidates but you can bet your boots they don’t get said about the average male. Women watching this of every rank and employment recognized the little harrassments and big of their own lives in what was being done to Hillary. I don’t think most men (other than minority men watching Obama) have ever experienced the kind of daily, grinding, sexist hostility that most women have experienced for at least some of their personal and working lives. Its not that HRC’s treatment was anything out of the ordinary *for a candidate*–its that it was so utterly ordinary *for a woman* and we were and are sick and tired of it.

  3. Nothing but respect for her. She fought a good fight and brought a bunch of good things to the table. She’s a real canbdidate for POTUS and earned the respect for it.

  4. The negative perceptions didn’t just appear out of thin air. A lot of it was generated by the Right, fed and nourished by the Right, and helped along by Clinton herself by stupidly providing the fodder, sniper fire being but only one example.

  5. I agree, this is what has been done to her. But with all the talk from her camp about who’s a pansy and who has the most balls, I do feel that she has done some of it to herself.

  6. Senator Clinton didn’t lose because she is a woman, she lost because she and her staff didn’t run a good campaign strategy. Her attempts to build local support in all the cities began way too late to be effective, and her pandering to the right wing voters was so embarrassing it turned off too many people.
    But, lets face it, the Democratic Party this year unfortunately had two very charismatic, popular candidates, both of whom would be a historical first if elected President. The real shame is that Senator Clinton didn’t run 4 years ago, when the field wasn’t nearly as strong. I wonder if she could have defeated Bush.

  7. Thank you, athenae. It’s necessary to remember what she has lived through her entire life to understand why for some of us her candidacy was important.

  8. Context. Excellent. It would be nice if the mainstreet media noticed their own role in this. But they won’t. Because, as Marge would say, “You’re soaking in it.”
    I always talk about the media’s preference for X vs Y stories and I just now figured out that this WAS an X (chromosome) vs. a Y (chromosome) story. Wow. I can’t believe I never figured that out!
    I love that song because it says that we need to be a better man. These guys don’t want to be a better man.

  9. I don’t like the way that Hillary ran her campaign and I think that some of her supporters pulled some racist shit in trying to get her the nomination.
    However, I am very disturbed & disgusted over some of the terrible things that people have said about her I think its’ okay to hate her for her Iraq vote but I not for anything else.

  10. I agree completely with you, A.
    Hillary and her campaign did plenty of things to piss me off, but the mysogeny that poured forth every time a pundit mentioned her name was amazing. (MSNBC was so bad, I stopped watching the channel).
    The thing that people forget is that she easily could (and probably should) have won the nomination. She ran into the buzzsaw that is Obamamania (and made the ridiculous decision to abandon many a state) or I think she would have won it in a walk. I wonder what would have been if she ran in 2004.
    Which reminds me of one of the big reasons I could never get all the way behind her. Back in 04 I was having dinner with a group of friends, including a female friend that had clerked for Clinton for a semester while we were in law school. She told me that she was rooting for W to beat Kerry so Hillary could win in 08. I never forgot that comment and I automatically attributed similar sentiments to every Hillary supporter and Hillary herself (unfairly, I admit).

  11. One of the biggest reasons I want this race to be over is so I can go back to liking Hillary again.
    Because I did before the politics took over.
    Here’s hoping that she has an Al Gore experience after this. I want her to be a powerful voice for the Democratic Party.

  12. Exactly. I have never been more disgusted with our media, our electorate, our candidates (not a fan of either ofthe chosen) and our party than during this primary season. I had planned on sitting out the presidential ballot this year, writing in a candidate or voting for Nader -now I’ve decided I will write in a candidate -Hillary.

  13. Hillary was gracious enough in her speech last night to say she’ll support whoever the Democratic nominee will be. She has been remarkable in her ability to keep her personal feelings about the attacks that have been leveled against her over the years from ever overwhelming her devotion to her ideals and her principles. She has been a steadfast supporter of the Democratic Party and all its candidates.
    I hope her supporters will be adult enough to follow her fine example.

  14. A lot of the punditocracy hated the Clintons from before.
    I mean hate with the heat of a thousand red hot suns.
    They are celebrating her miscues and blunders.

  15. It’s exactly because of those images you post up, and innumerable more that I won’t link to because they’re even more disgusting, that the past three months’ worth of misogynous spew from HALF the alleged Democratic party has made me ready to throw up. I’m not just disgusted with the media, the ‘opposition’ candidate, and the GOP — I’m disgusted with all of us who didn’t stand up and tell the Hillary-haters to STFU from Day One.
    Every. Last. One. Of. Them. Including. Michelle. Obama.

  16. Unfortunately, I find it easy to predict that whichever of the two dems get the nomination, they are going to face a merciless barrage of tasteless and vulgar insults. Such energize the “base” and serve as a means of group cohesion among the watchers of Faux and Limbaugh.

  17. I agree that there has been a cottage industry of irrationally hating the Clintons since Bill was first nominated, with an additional level of misogyny in the case of Hillary. It’s important to remember, however, that most of the vicious stuff has come from people who are unlikely to vote for any Democrat. Apart from a very few verbal elbows, the Obama campaign has kept things quite civil, and certainly has not stooped to sexist remarks. It’s unfair to hold them responsible for things people outside of their campaign–and the MSM–say and do, something I hope people will remember if Obama is the nominee.

  18. It’s important to remember, however, that most of the vicious stuff has come from people who are unlikely to vote for any Democrat.
    No, it’snot important to remember any such thing. Itdoes not matter whether people are going to vote for her, or any female candidate, or not; that type of speech isunacceptable and needs to stop. End of story. It has absolutelyzero to do with who’s voting for whom.
    I’m also disgusted with those of you who seem to feel she’s brought this on herself somehow. Way to blame the victim, folks — that’s rape apologist’s logic: “Oh, if only she’d behaved differently, nothing bad would have happened to her.”Bull fucking shit. Hillary Clinton isn’t responsible for the tidal wave of misogyny she’s had to deal with, misogynists are. (Like the guy with the “IRON MY SHIRTS” sign Athenae didn’t mention, for instance.) Woman-hating sexists come in all stripes and levels of crypto-misogyny. The only thing she could have done to avoid any or all of this would have been to be a good little tool of the patriarchy from the get-go, and shit on that, thank you very much.

  19. When I said it’s important to remember that people who say this vicious stuff aren’t going to vote Democratic anyway, I didn’t mean that that made it OK. It doesn’t. I was just trying to say it was unfair to blame the Obama campaign for this type of garbage, as one of the commentators above seemed to be doing.

  20. You are right, it is not okay.
    Why is this then? –
    but-if-Hillary-is-running-I’ll-be-balls-to-the-wall-to-kick-that-b%&*h-in-her-nuts…” – Scout Prime – http://www.first-draft.com/2008/05/electability.html#more
    Suggesting Hillary has nuts to kick is even worse than just the bitch part…

  21. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! The misogyny has been out of control and I really don’t think men understand what women put up with on a daily basis on this front. Thanks for calling it out!

  22. To be sure, there has been a lot of sexist crap thrown Hillary’s way, ever since she was First Lady (and likely before, but it went national in the ’90s). And all such misogynistic poison is to be condemned.
    By the same token, however, “what has been done to her” in no way justifies the kind of campaign she has chosen to run, which has repeatedly deployed racist themes and strategies, which have become less and less subtle (indeed, her last remarks about “hard-working Americans, white Americans” leave nothing to the imagination, but hell there aren’t any primaries left in states with significant black populations.
    So let’s just not go too far and use the sexism thrown at Hillary as mitigation for her odious campaigning.
    Indeed, one could assemble a reel-of-shame consisting of utterly racist shit thrown at Obama, which has run an interesting arc from “he’s not black enough” to “he’s too black” in a single year: “Barack HUSSEIN Obama”; a Clinton flack describing his picture in Somali dress as Obama wearing “the clothing of his native country”; Rush’s “Barack the Magic Negro”; et nauseating cetera. But he has had the class to stay on the high road, even now, when Hillary seems intent on making the campaign into a bizarre murder-suicide.

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