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And you can’t ever be sure. There are some fucked-up retarded bumper stickers in the world that will tell you idiosyncrasy and acting like a freak are personal imperatives. Those are not the daemon speaking, but low self-esteem selling itself a pass, and the way that I know that is: you can’t buy God on a bumper sticker. But from the outside, the merely insane or annoying are identical to the annoying insanity of genius. The fact that you can’t ever be sure is a safety measure against letting it drive you actually crazy.

Spoilers inside. Grab your gun and bring in the cat.

You know, in the beginning of this show, back to the miniseries, they took a lot of time to tell us that this ship, the Galactica, wasn’t the best in the Fleet. Its people weren’t the best and the brightest. Commander Adama was an old busted dude on the verge of retirement, the place was a museum, everybody there was there to get to somewhere else. And when the world ended, they didn’t have the luxury of picking your ten best men and women. They had the imperative to pick who was left, and if you weren’t openly talking to yourself that day and could keep your need to pull your own hair out strand by strand under control, hey, guess what, you’re flying CAP and planning missions and maybe being made President.

One of my favorite, favorite, favorite movies is Apollo 13: What do we have on the spacecraft that’s good? Let’s work the problem, even if that means using, like, someone’s sock to make an air filter. That’s where they were, with a big pile of stuff trying to shove it into the holes it needed to go in, to make it fit right. And now, now they have a bunch of the best; as the Hybrid was speaking we’re looking at Helo and Seelix (crazy Seelix who came out of the Circle) and Gaeta and Sam and always, always Starbuck, and Athena, people who barely existed back in the beginning. They’ve taken the pile of crap and the sock and made something out of it, something useful, that fits in the hole that needs to be filled.

Do you ever drive in deep snow, and feel the car shift into the tracks in the road? Shift and fit in, and guide itself as though your hands are barely needed to steer? That’s how Starbuck was tonight, shifting into the track, feeling the wheels lock in and the ride smooth out, before they got to that horrible stunted base ship. Maybe that’s the wrong metaphor: a strong wind came up and filled her sails, and she let them go ahead full. Greasy, dirty, beat-up, overtired and tweaked; in my life I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful as she was in that moment.

Quick takes: The admiral is my kind of atheist, who doesn’t argue doctrine because he wonders what the fuck the point of it is anyway, like if we’re going to have a conversation about feelings can it be about how he wants to bone? Mr. A noticed a discrepancy with the model numbers of the Cylons (Cavil being a One, and Leoben a Two and so on, but Sharon’s an Eight, so we’re missing an number in there?) and we talked a while about how their model numbers related to either their order of build or their role in Cylon society, but then Anders went all kill-crazy and I got distracted. Next week should be fun. Can I just say, while we’re on the topic of Cylons, that I’m really, really happy we’re starting to deal with Sharon’s shit? Her job up till now has been to hang around acting pissy; it was nice to see her being, in her own way, just as intractable as the Ones in her me versus you thing. You need that, in there, as everybody else is being mushy in the middle. You need someone to remind you that this is in fact a little nuts and they are in fact KILLER ROBOTS.


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  1. Hee. Beat virgotex again.
    You need someone to remind you that this is in fact a little nuts and they are in fact KILLER ROBOTS.
    But, as Sharon reminded us, the cylons don’t have to be slaves to their programming. They don’t have to be killer robots unless they want to be. Kinda like humans. Ready to airlock their captain one minute and following her into the middle of a cylon civil war the next.
    This was all about choices and how the cylons, when they start making independent choices, really aren’t a whole lot different from humans. And how humans, when they’re locked up in a sewage ship, going nowhere, and thinking with a mob mentality, really aren’t a whole lot different from cylons.
    The humans are starting to believe in the cylon god. The cylons are starting to mete out justice to their own when they harm humans. How different could they be?
    “The children of the one reborn shall find their own country.” The hybrid repeated that several times. The one reborn. Is Deanna ‘reborn’ after she’s unboxed? Or is the final cylon ‘the one reborn’ because s/he is both cylon and human?

  2. Oh — and one last thing. My prediction:
    Once again Admiral Adama is going to prove to us what a sterling military leader he is by letting a mutiny on the Demetrius — one in which an officer is shot and gravely wounded by a fellow officer — go completely unpunished.

  3. The one reborn.
    Or Kara.
    Once again Admiral Adama is going to prove
    Do ya think? 😀
    I’m having trouble adjusting to the idea that we need to take Baltar seriously. Maybe more troubled that Baltar is starting take himself seriously. And definitely ever more especially troubled that Laura is starting take him seriously.
    (Bald Laura – that’s what I call a Skinjob!)
    I really need to watch it again before commenting more, maybe tonight – there’s a measure a chaos im my house today so I’m a bit pixelated.

  4. The one reborn.
    Kara was my first thought too. If we’re talking literally, and she did have sex with Anders at least once, so there might be another human/cylon child in the picture.
    Not so sure though it’s literal though. Hell, Galactica herself was “reborn”-it might mean all of them.
    This was all about choices
    The title of the Ep was “Faith.” We need RMJ to weigh in here.
    I’m no religious scholar (epic understatement)but I’d wager there’s been several metric tons of ink and paper devoted to the relationship of “choice” and “faith.” There’s a surrender in there somewhere between those two and surrender flies in the face of that adrenalized,fight or flight imperative A. speaks of up above. They’ve been living and breathing that imperative for so long now, even when things haven’t gone their way, like New Caprica, that imperative to survive is in their skin and blood. So surrendering to anything is so opposite to their conditioning. True of the humans and the cylons.
    Is that ironic? Since both sides claim to be so god/gods centric? Have their god/gods gotten them to where they are, or was it their own will, and blood/sweat/tears/brain/brawn?
    I have to rewatch – I found myself fighting this ep at every step, I didn’t want to like it, a lot of criticism was rushing up even as I was watching it.

  5. The one reborn.
    Kara was my first thought too.

    My first thought too. But that’s awful easy.
    Jesus Christ was crucified, died and was resurrected.
    Maybe they’re all — cylons and humans alike — children of god and thus reborn in Christ?
    Yep. Definitely need RMJ.

  6. I’ve been wondering why I have such a hard time accepting Baltar as some kind of messenger of God, when I totally buy that Leoben is, and on balance, Leoben’s done much more horrifying shit than Baltar. Is it just because Baltar’s weak, and that weakness scares me so I try to stomp on it with my big hard boots? Maybe it’s his narcissism that bothers me, in that there can be only ONE attention whore in the room. 🙂
    Still, I keep going back to what Jacob wrote in his recap of Maelstrom, that God wears masks but the secret is how many of them.

  7. A, the reason you have such a hard time giving Baltar a celestial pass is he hasn’t personally dealt with (not really) and publicly fessed up to being a creator of this fine mess they’re in. Leoben knows exactly what he is and doesn’t put on messianic airs about it.
    And, finally, the Humans and Cylons made contact for the first time since the escape from enslavement. This meeting left me on edge, very much jangled, and I can’t put my finger on why. (Probably because I was busy crying while thinking of all of the family members I’ve lost to cancer after Emily told Roslin that it was only going to get worse.)
    Children of one reborn shall find their own country:
    a) Hera (it’s not Nicky: they’ll have to resurrect Callie which would make her a Cylon which then means that Nicky is not a hybrid but a pure Cylon), or
    b) children of 1 reborn, meaning more Cavils
    Did anyone else notice that Laura’s mom looked like W’s mama?

  8. Maitri makes a very good point. Baltar isn’t believable as a messenger of god because he’s never either repented of his sins or humbled himself before the great and powerful god.
    It’s still all about him.
    Which makes him much more believable as a televangelist than as a prophet.

  9. told RMJ over @ the Crack Den we needed his feedback. This, for now:
    just as I’m walking away from the computer, they drag me back in!
    “Faith” in the NT is actually “Trust”, a very different concept for the blind reliance so many want to make religious belief out to be.
    I’ll leave you that and get over to FD later, when I can spare the time.

  10. All I can say, is it took me half the episode to recognize Nana Visitor.

  11. All I can say, is it took me half the episode to recognize Nana Visitor.
    I never cared much for DS9. Was she the cancer patient? No nose ridges so hard to tell.
    Maitri sez:
    Did anyone else notice that Laura’s mom looked like W’s mama?
    Yes. But Laura’s Mom seemed to be a nice person. That’s a difference.
    And agreed with Maitri about Baltar. He’s going to need a catharsis.

  12. Well, I still love DS9, so I went all sniffly when Nana’s character got off the ferry… about tough bitch sci-fi foremothers? She’s one of ’em.
    I’m surprised no one’s talking about the best redshirt death *evah*. That baby butch sweetie ex-Circle chick Barolay, who volunteered to go to the basestar ’cause she thinks Starbuck is the toughest mofo in the fleet, and when she wants Earth, she wants to be there? No regrets, no looking back — and like the image of Starbuck we had at her best, toughest moments, Barolay too must die as a symbol of the human resistance to the Cylon.

  13. is it took me half the episode to recognize Nana Visitor.

    I was, obviously, barely paying attention during opening credits. I knew she looked awfully damned familiar. WOW. The scenes with her and Laura had me on the verge of tears several times and I jumped a mile when she started convulsing. Another great ep from a show that will go down in TV history as sci-fi for thinking people rather than just bang bang ka-boom eye candy.

  14. And yes, he’ll have a few stern words about trust but, other than that, Adama will totally let the mutiny slide.

  15. Y’know, I’m not even going to go into the Fucking Cancer thing, because if I do, I will be immoderate.
    I’m just glad they dealt with the fact that the Colonies were destroyed by nuclear fire, and not everybody got Colonial troop anti-rad meds.
    But, y’know, Fucking Cancer. Damn.

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