Column: TEGWAR


And one of the more odious sounds emerging from the campaign cacophony is the whine of former and current Obama supporters: Why did he stay a member of Wright’s church? Why didn’t he denounce Wright more strongly? Why didn’t he denounce him sooner? Why did Obama remain friends with former Weatherman Bill Ayers? Why didn’t he see that any of this would hurt him, and by extension, us? Why?

Why? Because there is simply no way he could have known it would be this bad. And I say that as someone who gives Obama credit for uncommon intelligence and a level of political calculation of which many of his fans seem to think he is constitutionally incapable.

There are no rules to this, to what becomes an unholy pig fest of a story and what dies after a couple of mentions in the back pages. It’s become impossible to predict what will be a problem and what won’t. Things are all fine and dandy until they’re suddenly not. It’s arbitrary and stupid and ultimately irrelevant, which makes it hard to fight back against.


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  1. “And one of the more odious sounds emerging from the campaign cacophony is the whine of … current Obama supporters…”
    Could you cite some examples, please?

  2. The right wing and other critics of Senator Obama won’t be satisfied until he goes back in time and kills REverend wright in his cradle. Since this is not possible, there is no amount of criticism, self criticism, or reflection on the issue short of seppuku (which solves the problem of african american “racism” and “anger” by removing Senator Obama from the election cycle) that will satisfy white people who are determined not to recognize american history when it is shoved in their faces.

  3. obama just has to admit he didn’t go to church every week. or that he went for his kids and to get elected jn his district.

  4. The real problem is that the MSM are extremely biased towards Repubs. Most of this bias, in my opinion, is because they want more money and see any Democratic president as an obstacle to getting that. The bias used to be so subtle the Repubs were able to convince people that the bias went the other way. But now it is so ludicrously obvious it takes a moron, or a Repub, (that is redundant, I know) not to see it.

  5. but the do like mcinsain and obama is bound to make them feel inferior and you KNOW they hate that. plus. orders from above.

  6. “No one could have predicted that Wright would be a problem for Obama..”
    Anyone halfway intelligent could have predicted it. It won’t stop me from voting for Obama, but what kind of people does he have working for him that this was such a surprise? Some campaigns hire opposition researchers to investigate themselves, so they know what they will be hit with and have time to neutralize it. Who is this Allison Hantschel person and why is she wanker of the day?

  7. Its the same each election, no matter who is running or at what level. The media, pundits, and mouthpieces for each side throw out a pile of shit balls and see which kind sticks. Then they smear the wall with it and let every get the full stench of it. Once it dries it is stuck to the candidate. Both sides have been doing it for eons, the right is just better at digging deeper for shit since they LIVE it in.

  8. Dearest Athenae,
    Remember this, above all else…
    To thine own self be true.
    Plus, treat others as you would yourself be treated.
    All else is but commentary.

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