‘What Was So Honest About It?’

“Errors are not lies,” says Feith, and that’s the last sentence before he starts stammering.


I like Stewart’s comparison of errors vs. lies to manslaughter vs. homicide. Either way, somebody’s dead at the end, so somebody else should GO TO JAIL.


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8 thoughts on “‘What Was So Honest About It?’

  1. Granted, I’ve only seen the ten miniutes that aired but…
    I was stunned by how good Jon Stewart was in that interview. He was polite and respectful, and he didn’t play stupid “gotcha” games. But he still hit the big issues hard and stayed on them and came back to them when Feith said something that contradicted himself. He brought in other quotes from administration officials for context, and he called Feith out on bullshit.
    And as you point out, his use of metaphor and comparison framed the issues in clear, concrete terms that everyone can understand instead of relying on vacuous phrases and meaningless soundbites. He made it personal, too: “I feel like you lied to me” and “No, I clearly remember what was going on in the run up to the war, and I’m pretty sure most Americans do, too.” He was an excellent spokesman for the American people– even though he didn’t really claim to be.
    Stewart was absolutely fucking brilliant. I haven’t seen an interview like that since…well, since Murphy Brown, probably.

  2. So Feith is saying that his book will document the decision-making process to an illegal war through the administration’s inner communications. Apparently, all of this info is new, or else there would be no reason to buy the book (and I damn sure ain’t gonna buy his book). What I want to know is, how much of this information was conveyed to the public? Or, at the very least, to Congress? If the administration was diligent enough to document its concerns, doubts, and misgivings, how come none of this was communicated to the rest of us?
    And Dougie, the crowd was laughing AT you, not WITH you. They were laughing with Jon, though.

  3. You know how you can tell that he is not a bright man? Because he’s willing to go on TV and show how incredibly stupid he is.

  4. Like I assume many here will agree, during the interview, I wanted to scream at the TV: But errors which are known to be errors and told as the truth are LIES!

  5. It’s frightening how good Jon Stewart is. But what’s even more profoundly frightening is how stupid feith is. I really liked the part where he tried to make us all Andy Petite, you know, we misremembered the runnup to the war.
    No, you fucking murdering miscreant, you puppy torturing psychopath, you useless piece of dead meat, even the hyaena’s would eat off of your carcass, I think we all pretty much remember exactly how that went. (Michael O’Donoghueimpression seems pretty much accurate here)
    These people are so inhuman, all that idiot was trying to do was sell that fucking book. And Jon trashed that too at the end with his “slow read” comment.
    I think feith amazed Stewart with how stupid and full of shit he was, he did the whole show around that interview, because, well, seeing is beleiving.

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