Your President Speaks!

Today, at theWhite House.

Trade Defined

Carlos Gutierrez is the Secretary of Commerce. Trade means commerce.

Products With Jobs

Today I’m going to spend some time so our fellow citizens understand the importance of trade by connecting trade with products with jobs.

The Global War On Articles Continues

Good jobs policy is a good trade policy.

Not “The AmbassadorDe South Korea”?

I want to thank Federico Humbert, the Ambassador de Panama. I want to thank Lee Tae-sik, Ambassador from South Korea.

What It Is

First of all, the — you know, it’s rough economic times.

If There Is Uncertain Times

If there’s uncertain times, there’s no worse signal to send than, you know, we may be raising your taxes.

What They Got

Of course, they got a huge appetite for spending your money, so it shouldn’t surprise you that some up there really do want to raise your taxes.

Who Says This?

In other words, people think it makes good politics to say we’re not going to let you trade.

What Our Fellow Citizens Have Got

And our fellow citizens I understand, you know, have got concerns about trade, and the reason why we’ve asked you to bring some of your products here is to remind people that that motorcycle is made by American workers, and that if we’re able to more likely sell those motorcycles into Colombia, for example, or Panama or South Korea, that the worker who made that is more likely to get a pay raise or have somebody else join him or her on the floor.


But I want to thank you for helping to try to change that attitude by bringing a practical — some practical thoughts to this debate, kind of fight through all the rhetoric and remind our fellow citizens that — of some of the facts.

More Better Good

One, our economy grows better when we export; two, there are jobs.

What We Got

If you’re a farmer, we got some products here, grown right here in the United States of America.

Practical Lessons Of Why

Now, let me give you some of the practical lessons of why. Take dairy products.

Chunk Of Cheese

That means that the cost of that dairy product, chunk of cheese — you know something about cheese, Petri, in Wisconsin — a chunk of cheese is going to be 20 percent more expensive, which makes it harder to sell that product.

What Poppy And Bar Got

Broccoli — they got a really high tariff on broccoli at my father’s house.

What The Columbia Free Trade Vote Have Got

Secondly, the Colombia free trade vote, like these other free trade votes, have got national security implications.

What Colombia Has Got

Colombia has got a very bold leader named President Uribe, who is a reformist.

What All These Leaders Have Got

All these leaders have got a clear vision about enhanced prosperity in their country.

It Makes It Here

They’re a threat to peace inside Colombia, and they provide a threat to the United States, in the sense that they — to the extent that they facilitate drug trafficking, it makes it here.

What Dear Leader Needs

And a rejection of the free trade agreement with Colombia will undermine that which the leader — the region needs.

Is Is

And all I can tell them is, is that politics is too strong right now.

What He Also Tell

But I also tell I haven’t given up hope.

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