Dood, It Is So On!

What’s this? Apony challenge from Larry Sabato?

“[Bush] is poisoning the well for Republican congressional candidates and for John McCain,” said Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia. “I think McCain’s chances depend in part on whether Bush and his White House team can manage to get Bush up around 40 (percent) again,” referring to the president’s approval rating.

Bring it on, Sabato!

5 thoughts on “Dood, It Is So On!

  1. I love how a political scientist is talking about Bush getting over 40% like he’s Shaq and he needs to improve on his free throws. Nobody forced Bush to veto children’s health care, oppose veteran’s benefits, and add troops to Iraq after the GOP lost Congress. Bush could try, you know, governing with the consent of the people and see how that works to improve his standing with voters but I’m not holding my breath. Chimpy knows what Chimpy knows and it’s not helping others in a pinch.

  2. 40 PERCENT!! The only way Chimpy’s fixers could get him back to 40% would be to stage some sort of Harrison Ford-ish“Air Force One” terrah attack that Gee Dub defeats with his own bare bloody hands…
    I suspect that standing on the street corners of America flinging fists full of C-notes at passers-by couldn’t pull him back to 30%…

  3. “Yeah, if we can get him up to the point where only 2/3 of Americans think he is the Supreme Douchebag of All He Surveys, that will be a major victory!”

  4. I blame the liberal media. The only way to improve his rating would be if he…well, there really is no way. I think the other 28% hate him too but they are too loyal or proud or whatever to admit it.

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