It Starts To Look Needy, Man

Dougie on how the preznit ate his war:

Before the war, administration officials said that success would mean an Iraq that no longer threatened important U.S. interests – that did not support terrorism, aspire to WMD, threaten its neighbors, or conduct mass murder. But from the fall of 2003 on, the president defined success as stable democracy in Iraq.

This was a public affairs decision that has had enormous strategic consequences for American support for the war. The new formula fails to connect the Iraq war directly to U.S. interests. It causes many Americans to question why we should be investing so much blood and treasure for Iraqis. And many Americans doubt that the new aim is realistic – that stable democracy can be achieved in Iraq in the foreseeable future.

If only we’d defined success as LOTS OF DEAD PEOPLE AND STUFF GETTING BLOWED UP, we’d be so successful now!

The fact that he says these things out loud with no sense of irony at all is evidence of a moral dyslexia so profound I’m tempted to send him a care package full of cookies and the number of a very reliable shrink.

Hat tip to Scout.


5 thoughts on “It Starts To Look Needy, Man

  1. Read another comment somewhere about how people like Feith have to step over the bodies on their way to the bank. Cf. Tom Friedman.

  2. why we should be investing so much blood and treasure
    “treasure” … somewhat OT, who says that word any more? I’ve heard it a lot lately in this same context. “American lives and treasure…” “blood and treasure…” I’ve heard Bush, McCain, and now Feith say it. Is it some literary allusion? If not, where does it come from?

  3. I can understand why the I’mwacky Information Minister, Mohammed Doug al-Feith (Dagnabbit Doug) is so upset that his Prezidente changed his story-line. Big Lie propaganda only works with repetition. And Dagnabbit Doug keeps repeating the lie that the manufactured intel was the CIA’s fault to emphasize the point.
    We should never forget that al-Feith was the brilliant leading true believer in Chalabi, however, demonstrating that one can be a compulsive liar and completely delusional simultaneously.

  4. I remember a fairly intelligent otherwise person saying that Baghdad could become “the Hong-Kong of the Middle East.” And that would be teh awesome, he said.
    I have never been to Hong Kong, but I haven’t seen a suicide bomber headline there. I hear they have electricity around the clock too.
    Missed it bythat much!

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