7 thoughts on ““Million Middle Finger March”

  1. Oh, that would be a sweetly historic event coinciding with Obama’s inauguration. As the multitudes cheer on President Barack Obama, millions of revelers turn to Bush’s departing helicopter and give him the Finger.
    Perhaps we should look into organizing the Great American Flip Off.

  2. As I said over at S,N – if he flies back to TX we need to organize Fingers across America. (a la Hands across…)

  3. i had to go to the SS office to get a replacement card. i flipped the bird to georgee + dickie o the way out. i think the guard noticed. not sure if he smiled or not.

  4. I wonder if we could find out an ex-presidential e-mail addy for Dubya. Then we could all e-mail him pictures of ourselves flipping off a picture of him. Wouldn’t that be a sweet, sweet spam. “Dear Mr. Ex-fakePresident…”

  5. i’m all for “fingers across america” as i am unable to travel to DC but would love to be part of the moment!
    i was thinking perhaps everyone go outside at midnight the night before the inauguration and thrust our waggling middle digits for a count of 60.

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