As Part of International Suck Week

I bring you today’s edition ofWhat Sadly, No said.

This comment particularly:

Their excuse is stupid. There’s not enough room for bloggers? Just give bloggers whatever seats are available, even if it’s just a desk number in a trailer outside the hall with CNN monitors, wifi, and AC. They should invite bloggers from around the world. Set up a Persian blog section, group the blogs by region, invite Colbert to visit the blogger ghetto. Hire some translators. Give’em all free samwitches and set up a giant tray of cocktail wieners. There’s room for hundreds of bloggers and it’s way cheaper press than any ad buy. Very limited space? That’s like saying “There’s not enough room on our e-mail list.” Oh, wait.

Stipulating that in the grand scheme of things this is pretty meta, handing out credentials to sites that do nothing but talk up your causes and raise you money would do a world of good for you and be mostly free, so what the fuck?

There’s also apparently a credentialing process for this so-called Big Tent, if you can believe THAT, so that’s one more hoop to jump through before knowing if it’s safe to buy airline tickets.


5 thoughts on “As Part of International Suck Week

  1. scout says:

    Big Tent for the Little People

  2. pansypoo says:

    the proper spelling is sammich.

  3. virgotex says:

    Pam’s House Blend got credentialed for the general pool.

  4. Athenae says:

    I will be reading Pam and Sinfonian religiously that week.

  5. paradox says:

    I’m not going, there’s no way I could fit it in. See you in Texas.

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