A Newborn Babe With Wild Wolves All Around It: Galactica Thread


Because here’s how fucking blessed Sharon Agathon is. She spent a season on doomed and rotting Caprica, chasing a boy through the forest, trying to make him fall in love. She found out how rarely you stay clean when love comes up. Got pregnant. Got a gun held to her head approximately eleven times before she ever got back to the scariest place in the universe. Was threatened with an eleventh-hour abortion by the first and most powerful of all humans; was operated on to keep that queen alive. Her child was born, and died in the cradle: all the hopes of two great races, dead. With fingers no larger than a thought.

They locked her up for a year, chained and screaming. And at the point of her greatest humanity, when she and Boomer truly switched places — she became a Cylon in human skin rather than Boomer’s human in Cylon skin — her most broken sister told her a terrible secret. “The enemy has your miraculous child, who was stolen. And they are killing it.” She committed complicated suicide, risked her life, watched her sister die, and brought the child back. That was months ago. She was blessed? She was fucked. Again, and again. And we’re not done yet. The clock is running.

I read some spoilers this time. I shouldn’t do that. You shouldn’t, either, so don’t read on if you don’t want to be spoiled.


Sorry, were you expecting sense? Sense flew out the window with “I can’t live without her.” Sense flew out the window with “Galactica, this is Husker.” Sense flew out the window with … FLIGHT SUIT. If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here, finger pressed firmly on the TiVo’s “pause button.” I’m just … I’m a little incoherent. Gimme a minute.

(As a side note, what is WITH all the middle-aged hot on TV lately? First John Adams’ wig!sex and now the promise of presidential/admiralty mack? Grown-ups in love. I’ve died and gone to narrative heaven.)

Quick moments of ew: Lampkin’s cat-in-a-bag, worst party favor ever. Tigh knocked up a Cylon. Why, if we must see poor Tricia Helfer rubbing her sexy ChipSix self all over greasy little Gaius “I Want A Pony, No, I AM A Pony” Baltar, can’t we see her getting it on with Tigh? See aforementioned point about middle-aged hot, middle-aged on Tigh’s end, anyway.

Quick moments of yay: Tigh and Adama being suchboys. “Okay, we just beat the shit out of each other, let’s … sit here a minute and think about how straight we are.” I love men, I love this about them, what good friends they can be. Lampkin and everything about him, including that he knows Lee’s particular kink is being put upon, such that he had to be forced into talking himself into the presidency at gunpoint. Lampkin’s fat kitty, whose fact I just wanted to rub with my two hands until she purred. The New Caprica Hero Dog! I find the idea of animals on Galactica interesting, because I’m a dork: Is there like a PetCo Ship that supplies kibble? Maybe it comes from the same place as Hera’s Magic Daycare.

(Repeat to yourself: It’s just a show, I should really just relax.)

Adama asked, long ago, why humans deserve to survive. And Sharon, Boomer, Model Number Eight, all these people with just one face, looked back at him and said, “Maybe you don’t.” So what’s human, then? Cottle, reaching out to hold Natalie’s hand. Lee, making the Colonies a promise. Starbuck’s smile: “Nothing but the rain.” Lampkin and the barrel of a gun. Racetrack on her spacewalk. I’ve always loved the humans on this show the best, but it’s the Cylons, of late, who provide the answers to the question:

Sharon, in irons, behind bars, again, submitting again. Choosing, again. Love, all love, is a choice. Love is actions, behavior, love is doing one thing when your entire body screams to do another. Love is accepting the punishment the Admiral decides is fit, and putting on the shackles again, and stepping into the cell. The song in the back of her throat and the taste of blood in her mouth, her arms around her daughter, that little head tight around her neck. Natalie reaches up, reaches out, and finds a hand to hold at the end. Tigh, unsure, takes on the burdens of command. What deserves to survive?

What doesn’t?



13 thoughts on “A Newborn Babe With Wild Wolves All Around It: Galactica Thread

  1. So Lampkin’s dead cat has been talking to him like 6 talks to Balthar. Clearly, Lampkin’s dead cat is the final Cylon.

  2. Sense flew out the window with … FLIGHT SUIT.
    OK…we’re not really sisters under the skin because my reaction was ‘ew…some people should just stay away from jumpsuits’. He looks much better in his admiral suit.
    he had to be forced into talking himself into the presidency at gunpoint
    Yes he did. But I think he’s self aware enough to know that he did and that he and Lampkin were playing out their assigned roles in that little duet. Just like Bill and Tigh beating the shit outta each other, boyz gotta do their little macho two step before they can pat each other on the butt and move on.
    Oh, by the way — did I not predict on this very blog, weeks ago, that Lee Adama was gonna end up preznit of the colonies?
    Yes, I did.
    And finally — FINALLY — one of Adama’s little darlings does something bad and actually gets punished for it. Funny it only seems to happen with Sharon/Boomer…
    And I thought the trailer was fantastic, leaving the impression that it’s Laura that’s the final cylon. Which means it’s a pretty sure bet she isn’t. Unless the writer’s are fucking with us.

  3. Gaius “I Want A Pony, No, I AM A Pony” Baltar
    And yes, I thought to myself, “What did that poor model ship ever do to anyone?”
    That’s one cat that won’t be getting out of the bag.
    (Has anyone else noticed that when Racetrack is in helmet the bridge of her nose looks as flat as a carrier deck?)
    I knew they’d bring Lampkin back – Mark Sheppard is too cool not to (Remembers him peeling the apple onFirefly.)
    And as for our Athenae: She squees, she flaps, she is.

  4. What, are they pumping kamalla thru the ventilator shafts? Everyone seems to be having visions right and left. And what about the fact that Cylons can have children now? Is that a clue or just a fuckup?
    Crappy episode.

  5. It’s generally always a safe assumption that the writers and the promo monkeys are fucking with us.

  6. Another thing about Tigh: aren’t Cylons supposed to be a lot stronger than humans? So, why then did Tigh get the shit beaten out of him as much as Adama Pere did? Could Tigh then be a hybrid and that’s how Six and he could breed? Another theory floating around in these here parts is that someone else is boinking Six.
    I still vacillate between crappy and good episode. On the one hand, lots of changes occurred at once, while on the other, did we really have to waste 10 minutes and a commercial break on Lampkin threatening to kill Lee because he is on some good-weed-generated, cat-seeing guilt trip about leaving his wife and kids behind? Husband defends the episode by saying that it is a show about an uncontrolled/uncontrollable environment and they weren’t going to let Lee become preznit without some complication(s). In that case, I was expecting more high drama from the vice president’s end.
    WTF about the spoiler in which Deanna suggests that Roslin is one of them? Is that supposed to tempt her to kill herself in the hope that she resurrects?
    I predicted at the very beginning that Adama would leave to find Roslin. Not sure about those two.

  7. WTF about the spoiler in which Deanna suggests that Roslin is one of them? Is that supposed to tempt her to kill herself in the hope that she resurrects?
    And if Laura is a cylon…cylons get cancer?

  8. This was entirely a setup episode–all this stuff had to happen to get us to the next batch of OMG! episodes. So I was more than willing to forgive the slightly ADD nature of this one.
    I’m with A–Lampkin and Apollo both knew exactly what was going on in that little scene with the baby gun. (I kept expecting Lee to say, “Srsly? You’re going to try to kill me with *that*?”) That was totally a “Cut the crap, Adama. We both know who’s going to be the acting preznit, and it isn’t the Wonder Dog.” scene. And the best thing is, Lampkin knew exactly how to get Lee to cut the crap without making him feel all eewy about it.
    As for the Wonder Dog, much as I love dogs, that was a rather silly scene. I was expecting it to end with a Scooby-Doo “heee-hee-hee-hee-hee!” The dude needed another cat.
    I adore Cottle with every fiber of my being. All gruff, chain-smoking insensitivity on the outside, but he’ll hold your hand when you need it.
    But all of it, every scene, was overshadowed for me by Husker holding vigil at the end. That scene is about faith–faith that we are worthy of being loved, as a race and as individuals; faith that we can rise above our own worst instincts, our tendencies to frak things up for ourselves (I’m looking at *you*, Tigh); faith that this time, *this time*, the universe will take pity on us and give us the thing we want most, even though the universe has kicked us in the teeth again and again and again…
    This show has made me think about faith and spirituality in ways I’d never expected.

  9. I adore Cottle with every fiber of my being. All gruff, chain-smoking insensitivity on the outside, but he’ll hold your hand when you need it.
    I fear that my much wished for Cottle-centric ep is never going to happen. Alas.

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