Love’s Work

Look how each becomes gift and giver:
their veins with nothing but spirit flow.
Look how their forms like axles quiver,
round which revolving raptures glow.
Thirsters, and straight there are draughts for their drinking;
wakers, and look, they are sated with sight.
Let them, into each other sinking,
rise, surviving each other’s might.

— Ranier Maria Rilke

Celebrate family, today.

While we’re on the topic of love, a column I forgot to whore out last week:

In 2004, most Republicans and many Democrats credited ballot measures like this for helping to re-elect President Bush by turning out socially conservative voters. When Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) lost the election, pundits were quick to opine that Democrats needed to do more to appeal to such “moral values” voters.

Doubtless, some advisers now are telling Clinton and Obama the same things, urging caution in the face of injustice, lest some straight man or woman somewhere be turned off voting for them by their promises to, I don’t know, uphold the Constitution. The advice will, of course, ignore the reality that Republicans always will characterize Democrats as the party of gay marriage, whether Democrats support it or not.

In the end, though, all this fear is just that. There are no gay raid sirens, no one is coming to take your marriage away. What the Supreme Court in California did two weeks ago was merely affirm what Americans have always known: that under the law in this land, we are all of us safe, all of us equal, all of us protected – all of us, or none of us is.

That’s not cause for alarm. That’s cause for celebration.

Someone pass me a glass of champagne and be sure to save me some cake.


4 thoughts on “Love’s Work

  1. As I said over at Filkertom’s pad, even my extremely socially-conservative mother can’t figure out why she should care about same-sex marriage, since (aside from possibly having overlooked the possibility that one or other of her daughters is a lesbian), it doesn’t exactly apply to her.
    I’ve gently sussed her out on the topic (I have a gay friend who’s marrying his longtime boyfriend this summer), and she genuinely seems pleased for them. Good for her.

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