5 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. Fine. Even though it ain’t Saturday no more, it’s still a thing worth reading, to my blogwhoring self…
    Bottom line: New Orleans’ Recovery School District and its charters are not accredited. The implications are discussed in the links below:
    pardon me while I go scream some more.

  2. Liprap, my husband works for a charter school – the first job he was offered after he got his master’s in teaching – and it is the most poorly run school I’ve ever seen. J.’s trying his best to get out of there.
    What you have with charter schools is teachers without administrative support, and administration without experience. The schools only get 80% of the funds per student that regular public schools do (at least out here in Oregon) – that’s the devil’s bargain they’ve made for “freedom” to develop their own “curriculum.” The principal is the flighty type with no grip on practicalities, and the board is made up of literally THREE parents, with no educational training or experience, making most of the decisions for these kids. It’s an unholy mess.
    It doesn’t surprise me at all that NOLA’s charter school’s aren’t accredited – I’m surprised as hell that my husband’s school is. The teachers try their best, but when teachers get no planning periods (no budget for it), have to clean their own classrooms and do all the administrative chores that are usually left to a school’s administrative staff, what goes on in the classroom can’t help but suffer.
    Just one more way BushCo & friends is trying to kill public schools, by any means necessary.

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