Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Hop on Pop

I’m still waiting for them to unite behind McCain. Today they watch him on Fox, weigh and measure him, and find him wanting:

Well, I see he is continuing to ignore my advice to suspend his campaign until Labor Day. He’s determined to keep conservatives a P’ed off as possible.

Can we replace this dud before the convention?

Short of General Tommy Franks trotting in on his noble steed with Duncan Hunter in tow (“sorry we’re late, we stopped for breakfast”) we’re stuck with a choice between pink and red.

( … Steed?)

Drill Now John! No more slavery in the US!

‘I will reach across the aisle to get things done’

Why not reach across the aisle and Strangle a few of them left wing nut jobs!

Remember, they’re not a hate site, you filthy, nasty whores! Die!

I long for the days when a pro-McCain poster on FR was called a troll.

Now pro-McCain posters are called Republicans.


It’s so much easier knowing that we’ve already lost.

I’ve held firm that I don’t vote for people who don’t earn my vote.

And so far, Mcloon has done everything short of personally spitting in my face to show he has no interest in earning it.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist:


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  1. Ohhh, now I want a Mojito and a voting booth! 🙂 I am like dancing in my task chair at work…(logged in via laptop…track that work m’f’rs!!!)

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