Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, inRome.


I’m real proud of the fact that my fellow citizens have contributed to the restorations building — it turns out someone from the great state of Texas, notably Mercedes Bass*.

One Of The Best Diplomacy

I want to thank you all for sponsoring these exchanges. Madam Mayor, I’m particularly pleased that you’re here. You know, one of the best diplomacy — the best diplomacy for America, particularly among young folks, is to welcome you to our country.

Rebellion In The Cerebellum

You get to see first hand the truth about America — like a lot of images.

Contributing To The Society

We love it when somebody has a dream, and then is — works hard to achieve the dream, thereby contributing to the society and creating jobs for people, so they can realize their aspirations as well.

*Mercedes Bass, wife of billionaire Bush-donor Sid Bass.