Happy Michelle Obama Photo

Michelle Obama could KICK YOUR ASS:

Obama works out like “a gladiator,” a friend has said. When people—they’re almost always shorter—ask her to pose for pictures, instead of bending her knees she leans at the waist, like the Tin Man. Her winningly chipmunk-cheeked smile is doled out sparingly, a privilege to be earned, rather than an icebreaker or an entreaty. Obama, who graduated from Princeton, earned a law degree from Harvard, and became, first, a corporate lawyer and, more recently, the vice-president for community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals, spent all but the first year of her childhood in a four-room bungalow on Chicago’s South Side. Having traversed vast landscapes of race and class, often as a solo traveller, she evinces the discipline and, occasionally, the detachment of an Army brat.


6 thoughts on “Happy Michelle Obama Photo

  1. Let’s get Michelle Obama and whoever came up with the “Obama’s Baby Mama” chyron in a room and, you know, see what happens.
    I would max out my donations to Obama to see that, and believe me, I do not have $2000 to spare right now.

  2. BuggyQ, when Michelle Obama’s done with whoever wrote that, I want a turn with the leftovers, strictly out of feminist pride. I might be disabled, but I also lift weights and spend a couple hours in the gym every couple of days when I’m not sick. I also own a pair of really big boots.

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