Links or patties?

Well links of course…

Dearth of Ships Delays Drilling of Offshore Oil

Mr. Bush called on Congress Wednesday to end a longstanding federal ban
on offshore drilling and open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for
oil exploration, arguing that the steps were needed to lower gasoline
prices and bolster national security. But even as oil trades at more
than $135 a barrel — up from $68 a year ago — the world’s existing
drill-ships are booked solid for the next five years.

Shift of Federal Protective Service to DHS called ‘lethal’

House lawmakers have expressed concern that the Federal Protective
Service’s placement in the Homeland Security Department might have
caused budget and staffing problems resulting in dangerous security

Iowa Flooding Could Be An Act of Man, Experts Say

Enshayan, director of an environmental center at the University of Northern Iowa,
suspects that this natural disaster wasn’t really all that natural. He
points out that the heavy rains fell on a landscape radically
reengineered by humans. Plowed fields have replaced tallgrass prairies.
Fields have been meticulously drained with underground pipes. Streams
and creeks have been straightened. Most of the wetlands are gone. Flood
plains have been filled and developed.

American Red Cross’ Bank Account Runs Dry:
Economy, Reputation May Be Hindering Donations to Disaster Relief Fund

And then there is this from WI…

Woodchuck stalker shoots her own foot

A woodchuck stalker shot herself in the foot Tuesday afternoon as she
waited in her rural Ferryville vegetable garden to dispatch a marauding


The model of the rifle in this accident, and the fate of the offending woodchuck, were not immediately available.


3 thoughts on “Links or patties?

  1. Okay, that last one could have been me last night, if I owned a gun. I spent 45 minutes chasing a raccoon around my back yard. The damned thing just stayed 6 feet out of reach, dodging Coke bottles, and laughing at me.

  2. I’m sure it was a Winchester, lever action, maybe caliber .36? Custom gun, you know, only a few sold, primarily to woodchuckers.

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