8 thoughts on “Happy Obama Photo: Kickin’ Back Edition

  1. And I can deal with President Obama kicking back – as he will be a kick-ass President of the United States and will have had quite a busy day working on LEADING this country to SUCCESS and starting us on the recovery road from the wretched failures of bushco.
    🙂 Happy Obama, Happy America, Happy Days are here again!!!

  2. Oh, my. Okay, the cowboy hat didn’t do it for me, but *this* most certainly does.
    I also like his photograph choices. Incidentally, I’m reading Team of Rivals (finally–it’s been on my stack for months), and I’m glad I waited this long. I’m very much intrigued by Doris Kearns Goodwin’s description of how Lincoln got the nomination–it sounds awfully familiar. A relatively unknown Illinois politician who vaults into contender status on the strength of his oratory, then grabs the nomination by being smarter than all the other candidates.
    It’s gonna be *really* interesting watching Obama pick his cabinet.

  3. Hey, I would rather someone BE a patriot by their actions FOR the country (and I don’t mean by putting one’s hand over one’s heart…jeesh) than just wear a stinkin’ flag pin and gut the Constitution (bush/cheney come to mind?).

  4. Just thought of something else, cabinet-wise: is it just me, or does it seem like Obama has a wealth of prospects for cabinet posts, while the Republicans are rather thin there? I’m not talking about the vast numbers of qualified people, necessarily, just the high-profile people. Obama has Gore, Richardson, Edwards, Clinton, Biden, Dodd, Kerry, Clark…and that’s just the short list of the highest profile folks. Not even counting the three Republicans Obama has mentioned (Hagel, Schwarzenegger, Lugar), none of whom are likely McCain picks. (And who does McCain have to offer? I mean, just look at the various Rethugs he beat for the nomination–not exactly a stellar bunch, hmm?)
    Add to that this point: this gives us huge possibilities for the future of the Democrats as far as the presidency is concerned. Eight years of Obama, then potentially eight years for a successor (presumably the VP), both benefitting from high-quality cabinet people, and providing a farm-team for both Congress and future presidential runs.
    Yep, Team of Rivals is looking like a *very* good book to be reading about now.
    And yes, I’m getting waaaaayyyyyy ahead of myself, but that picture just makes me so damned optimistic!

  5. Elegant even when completely casual. Handsome, confident, attractive…come to mama!

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