CNN: Floodwaters surge over Midwest levees

From CNN:

(CNN) — Water spilled over two levees on the Mississippi River
on Wednesday, surging into west-central Illinois, covering fertile
farmland and pushing residents from their homes, officials said.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the Mississippi Valley said water
flowed over the top of one levee, but local officials had a different
account, reporting that the levee — near Meyer, Illinois — breached
in two places about 6:20 a.m., pouring water into Hancock and Adams

Let’s just roll it all into oneinvestigation

One thought on “CNN: Floodwaters surge over Midwest levees

  1. I am not suprised in the LEAST bit about these floods in the midwest.
    Where did you think Lake Lanier (Georgia) went? Clearly, it made it’s way to Iowa.
    If there are severe droughts in one part of the world, TRUST that there will be severe flooding.

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