Friday Ferretblogging: I Haz A Home Edition

Riot in the magnificent ferret condo:


We first got the condo for the late Fox, who outgrew his “starter” Fox Box about a year after we brought him home. When the Original Three were living in it it was a little crowded; it’s about the perfect size for two. The animals are really only in the cage when they’re asleep, when they’re REALLY misbehaving, or when we’re gone, but we still wanted them to have enough space to avoid one another if they wanted, or jump around a bit if they got bored while we were at work.


5 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: I Haz A Home Edition

  1. Virgo, the present two use them on occasion. Stripe used to live in his. I think as it warms up they’ll sleep up there more and more; it’s cooler for them, and they like being suspended.
    I want to hook up a little hammock in my living room so I can spend all day hanging out like they do. It’s good to be a ferret.

  2. virgo – yes, they do. Demesticated ferrets have survived because they are as cute as / cuter than kittens while they sleep, which is about 20 hours a day. The other 4 hours they are holy terrors, but they are sooooo cute in their little hammocks that you totally forgive them.

  3. cuter than kittens? hell no. had a cat hammock, pansy only liked it with an additional pillow.she REALLY likes pillows.

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