Smartest Man in Media Crit

He’s not an Obama fan, but I don’t really care, because he’sso fucking good:

Consider the editorial “Web Enables Obama To Confront Rumors Head-On” in the Dim One today.

By that title, you’d think this would be a piece appreciating the use of the Web to combat scurrilous smears – a tool not available to, say, those smeared by Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s; or to poor Edmund Muskie in 1968, who, like Hillary Clinton, never really cried; or to Nixon’s enemies in the 1970s and Michael Dukakis in the 1988 campaign and so on.

But no. This, instead, is another tired rant against the Internet. Let’s take a closer look at the complete lack of rational thinking emanating from the geniuses at the Sun-Times.

“For several weeks, a scurrilous rumor about Michelle Obama has wafted through the blogosphere with an awful stench.”

Note the correlation of the blogosphere with a place reeking of an awful stench. How does that explain Rush Limbaugh and Bob Beckel?

Maybe the Sun-Times ought to rail against the radiosphere and TVsphere.

I’ve said it before, but: The oldest folks I worked with in journalism were round about my parents’ age, and if my parents can manage enough of the Interwebs to buy stuff from Amazon and look up stocks and shit, there’s no reason grown journalists need to treat this land of pixels like a foreign country.


3 thoughts on “Smartest Man in Media Crit

  1. I think the time has come to mock the living shit out of ANYONE who cites “the internet” as a source. Twenty-three skidoo, old chap! You say you heard in on the internet? You mean you pulled some quote out of fucking vapor? WHO, WHERE, & WHEN are fucking Journalism 101. ‘The internet’ isn’t an adequate discription of WHERE anymore then “In consumer news today a tomato ban is now in effect due to concerns about salmonella. The ban effects various parts of the earth” is a responsible way to report breaking health news.

  2. “…there’s no reason grown journalists need to treat this land of pixels like a foreign country.”
    Especially since almost all journalists now work for an entity with a strong web identity which news media owners clearly see as a major source of revenue.
    Professional journalism organizations offer workshops, panel discussions, and whole conferences focusing on “the Internet.”

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