A Recap of Today’s FISA Debate

Senate Chaplain: Please deliver us from the morons and attention whores in this chamber, and rendereth your healing powers upon Norm Coleman’s gopher-fur toupee, in the name of the Lord, amen.

Chris Dodd: Let’s do dis.

Mitch McConnell: If you’re not putting on a rabbit suit and engaging in what I think the kids today call “yiffing,” you don’t have anything to worry about from being wiretapped!

Chuck Grassley: The phone companies are fine, patriotic corporate citizens who bent over their desks and took it just like your mom did. BOOYAH!

Saxby Chambliss: The only people opposed to spying on Americans are tinfoil-hat wearing 9/11 truthers.

(No, really. I can’t improve upon perfection. Scroll down to about 14:30.)

Orrin Hatch: We were ATTACKED! By TERRORISTS! In case you FORGOT!

Russ Feingold:Jesus, these people suck.

Chris Dodd: Word.

Ron Wyden:

The end.


4 thoughts on “A Recap of Today’s FISA Debate

  1. A, where is it on the C-Span site? Can’t find it.
    And after that South park clip, I now have the urge to go find the clitoris…

  2. liprap, when you get to the page with the calendar (the “no really” link up there) click on yesterday’s date. It’ll give you the full video.

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