A Recap of Today’s FISA Debate

Senate Chaplain: Please deliver us from the morons and attention whores in this chamber, and rendereth your healing powers upon Norm Coleman’s gopher-fur toupee, in the name of the Lord, amen.

Chris Dodd: Let’s do dis.

Mitch McConnell: If you’re not putting on a rabbit suit and engaging in what I think the kids today call “yiffing,” you don’t have anything to worry about from being wiretapped!

Chuck Grassley: The phone companies are fine, patriotic corporate citizens who bent over their desks and took it just like your mom did. BOOYAH!

Saxby Chambliss: The only people opposed to spying on Americans are tinfoil-hat wearing 9/11 truthers.

(No, really. I can’t improve upon perfection. Scroll down to about 14:30.)

Orrin Hatch: We were ATTACKED! By TERRORISTS! In case you FORGOT!

Russ Feingold:Jesus, these people suck.

Chris Dodd: Word.

Ron Wyden:

The end.


4 thoughts on “A Recap of Today’s FISA Debate

  1. pansypoo says:

    fuckity fuck.

  2. Interrobang says:

    Remember kids, if you can’t say “fuck,” you can’t say “Fuck the government!” 🙂

  3. liprap says:

    A, where is it on the C-Span site? Can’t find it.
    And after that South park clip, I now have the urge to go find the clitoris…

  4. Athenae says:

    liprap, when you get to the page with the calendar (the “no really” link up there) click on yesterday’s date. It’ll give you the full video.

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