Your President Speaks! Again!

Yesterday, inToyako, Japan, during a presser with Japanese PMYasuo Fukuda.

A Lot Of You Know

I think I was sharing my views with some of the Japanese press when they were in the United States, Mr. Prime Minister, about how Japan is going to lead the world when it comes to battery technologies, and that I anticipate our country will be able to be using battery technologies in automobiles that look like cars, not golf carts, and which will save us a lot of — a lot of, you know, reliance upon oil.

Uninsurance Benefits

We’re — we passed uninsurance benefits — unemployment benefits — excuse me.

What We Got

And yet we got a problem when it comes to reliance upon foreign sources of oil.

Your Question Sucks

Somehow there’s this notion — inherent in your question is the delisting therefore took away their sanctions. That’s just not an accurate statement on your part — if you think that — I’m not assuming you do think that, but — they’re a highly sanctioned regime.

What The Chinese People Are Watching About

I also believe that the Chinese people are watching very carefully about the decisions by world leaders, and that this — I happen to believe not going to the opening games would be — the Opening Ceremony for the Games would be an affront to the Chinese people, which may make it more difficult to have a — to be able to speak frankly with the Chinese leadership.

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  1. Dumb Question – as its a bad idea to rely on foreign oil, why is is a good idea for Japan to lead the world in batteries (that is we have to depend on foeigh batteried)?

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