Dodd Gives The Republic A Eulogy

From the Senate floor today:

I want to thank the thousands who joined with us in this fight around the country – those who took to the blogs, gathered signatures for online petitions and created a movement behind this issue. Men and women, young and old, who stood up, spoke out and gave us the strength to carry on this fight. Not one of them had to be involved, but each choose to become involved for one reason and one reason alone:

Because they love their country.

They remind us that the “silent encroachments of those in power” Madison spoke of can, in fact, be heard, if only we listen. 

All of us—my colleagues and citizens around the country—share a fundamental belief about in our Constitution, Mr. President. We believe our Constitution isn’t incidental to our security – but rather its very foundation.

This notion—that it is the rule of law that keeps us safe—should not be controversial, Mr. President.

I take a backseat to no one when it comes to protecting Americans and Americans’ safety. But if history has taught us anything, it simply isn’t necessary to sacrifice our freedoms to do that. 

I do not believe history will judge this President kindly for his contempt for the rule of law. But will history will be any kinder to those of us who have served as these transgressions occurred on our watch?

I have two daughters – Grace and Christina, who are six and three. Their generation will ask someday:

Where were you when the President asked you to repudiate the Geneva Conventions and strip away the right of habeas corpus?

Where were you when stories of secret prisons and outsourced torture first began to surface and then became impossible to deny?

And of today they will ask, where were you when Congress was persuaded to shield wealthy corporations that may well have knowingly acted outside of the law to spy on Americans?

Where were we?

Right here, Mr. President – in this chamber, at this moment. 

History will not forget.

It will not forget our role in any of this.


4 thoughts on “Dodd Gives The Republic A Eulogy

  1. That’s pretty goddamn harsh from Dodd. And 100% true. I’m glad at least one Senator is shining a flashlight on the cockroaches in his own branch of government. Historians will ask why there was bug shit all over the Constitution for the better part of a decade and the answer will be the goverment was lousy with bugs. America needs a delousing.

  2. How many of us are afraid to walk a block in our city? How many are convinced that our little city is at risk of having our Civil War monument bombed by “the terrorists”? How many refuse to answer our ringing doorbell for fear a rapist/burglar/murderer/kidnapper/Republican will be there? I sure hope the answer to each of those questions is zero. Frankly, not even the threat of a Republican at my door scares me.
    But, if I asked this of every citizen of my city I would be crying over the size of the majority that would answer yes to all of those questions. (Republicans aren’t looked on with favor here.)

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