Your President Speaks!

Today, inToyako, Japan.

That’s What They Call It

The United States, Japan, and United Kingdom launched what’s called a Clean Technology Fund, and we hope Congress funds that effort.

What The G8 Nations Have Got

The nations sitting around the table have got much, and I think we’re required to help those who don’t.

See Also: New Orleans

Those have been — you know, oftentimes in the political process people talk big, but they never follow up.

What We Got To Do

And so one of the key ingredients of these recent meetings was all of us need to be reminded that when we say we’re going to do something, we got to do it.

What We Got To Deal With On

We also agreed that on high energy prices that we got to deal with both on the supply and demand.

Welcome To Offshore America

The Democratic leaders in Congress will not allow us to explore for oil and gas in parts of Alaska, offshore America, and now is the time for them to change their mind.

I’m Firmly!

We also — I’m firmly — believe that we can do this kind of exploration in environmentally friendly ways.

Brain Wreck

In other words, this was a — you know, a lot of meetings on important subjects, and we accomplished a lot.

2 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Is this “George W. Bush” that you speak of is some kind of a bad sitcom character? Or a character in a bad sitcom? The writers are horrible! It’ll be cancelled after the first season.
    What?! You say that it’s already been renewed?!! And that there’s talk that it will be renewed again this fall?!!!
    Hopefully, the bad sitcom will be replaced by a better sitcom in a different direction.

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