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A friend recently said, as we were talking about how newspapers are Teh Fucked, that editors have forgotten what their audiences want, and that First Draft actually knows exactly what its audience wants. To which I replied sure, crack vans, LOLcats, pet pictures and cock jokes.

Plus Chris Dodd beinga stone cold fucking fox on the floor of the U.S. Senate:

It is about holding this Administration to account for violating the rule of law and our Constitution. It is about reminding this Administration that, “Where law ends, tyranny begins.”

And those aren’t my words, Mr. President – those words were spoken by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Mr. President, it is time to say “no more.”

No more trampling our Constitution.

No more excusing those who violate the rule of law.

No more.

These are our principles.

They have been around at least since the Magna Carta.

They are enduring.

What they are not is temporary. And what we should not do in a time where our country is at risk, is abandon them. That is what is at stake here today. Allowing retroactive immunity to go forward is by its very nature an abandonment of these principles.

Like generations of American leaders before us, we too are confronted with a choice.

Does America stand for all that is still right with our world? Or do we retreat in fear?

Do we stand for justice that secures America? Or do we act out of vengeance that weakens us?

Mr. President, whatever our political party—Republican, Democrat—we were all elected to ensure that this nation adheres to the rule of law. That is our must fundamental obligation – not as partisans but as patriots serving their country.

The rule of law is not the provenance of any one political party – but of every American who has been safer because of it.

Look, this thing will, as Glenn said, likely go down tomorrow. I suppose that means I should shut up about it and let us all move on to the next thing. Not yet, though. Not just yet. Not till it’s done. My grandchildren will need to know that some people fought back. That they called. That they wrote. That they protested. That they stood outside the door of government that was closed to them and they banged as hard as they could with both their fists and like, lawn ornaments and whatever else they could find, and they shook the windows and rattled the walls and even if nothing came of it, they weren’t quiet and they didn’t lie down.

They will need to know what you did, and you, and you and you and you. They will need to know that Dodd and Feingold stood up, and Kerry, and whoever else comes around tomorrow with his head NOT up his ass. They’ll need to know this stuff, because it matters. They’ll need to know that, in the face of defeat after defeat afterunholy fucking defeat, some people got back up.

(Most likely they won’t care, the grandchildren. They’ll be all, “Yeah, yeah, you were a major hotass in your day, Grandma. Whatever. Can I have some money for fireworks and a tattoo?” Still.)


8 thoughts on “Happy Dodd Photo

  1. No excuses – I’ve got all their phone numbers for you righthere.
    Now let your fingers do the walking, or no dessert. I mean it.
    And I make a mean-ass cheesecake.

  2. I hope enough men and women of principle leave the chamber to blow the quorum call. This shouldn’t even be on the table.

  3. The past 18 months have in many ways been harder for me. I expect the Republicans to fall in line with King George, but I expect better of Democrats. I know, I’m a ridiculous idealist, or perhaps a dumbass. I’m still waiting for Impeachment! I have heard the spineless “leaders” of my party say they don’t want such a constitutional showdown. Um. Newsflash: the constitutional showdown is not even a showdown any more but a full-blown constitutional crisis, and at this point Impeachment is the only remedy.
    I also hear the other even more pathetically lame excuse… we don’t want to make this Congress all about George Bush and Dick Cheney. Translation: We don’t want to hurt our chances of reelection.
    So trampling the Constitution for political gain… not just for Republicans! It’s for Democrats, too. And the Democrats voting for telecomm immunity are criminal coconspirators.
    Time for revolution.

  4. Time for revolution.
    And let it be on the backs of those who vote “Yea” tonight. I’m itching for a few primary challenges.

  5. One thing I’ve learned during my life is that one must fight for their rights. It’s the only reason I actually have a life.
    These traitors on the FISA vote must be hammered on in order for them to do what they are elected to do- represent US! It’s our Nation, and they are our servants. (If they don’t like that concept, they can just leave office.)
    And with that, I now go to spit more fire on other things.

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