Nailing It Again

If you’re not reading Steve Rhodes every day, start:

Blog Fog
1. Memo to Tribune editorial board: No one is asking you to read their blogs or subscribe to their Twitter feeds. (Editorial about GenY microbloggers not available online (!), but trust me.)

2. Yes, young people are so caught up in connecting with friends online they don’t know how to interact with humans in real life! Just like when the telephone was invented!

Will you please return to your home planet now?

Judging Julia
Yes, therhythms of blogs are just killing us. No one wants to read anymore!

If only we could go back to the days when newspaper articles were works of great literature.

This Just In
Blogs are to blame for every ill in the universe.

Rappers breathe sigh of relief.


5 thoughts on “Nailing It Again

  1. “Rappers breathe sigh of relief.”
    HEE! Not to mention teh ghais, Hollywood, and the adult entertainment industry.
    Rhodes is now on my to-read list. Thanks, A!

  2. My local rag just moved the celebrity gossip crapblock to the top of A2 (from D2, the inside of the “Life” section).

  3. Dear Mainstream Journos (even you folks at the Toronto Star whom I love to bits),
    If and when I find as much meaty, well-researched, erudite content in your newspapers as I do in a casual perusal of five or six blogs, I’ll start believing you have something useful to say on the subject. Believe it or not, you reallyare getting aced out by a bunch of hobbyists working, for the most part, alone and on a shoestring budget –and you call yourselves professionals!
    Love and kisses from Blogtopia,

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