7 thoughts on “Happy Obama Photo: He Shoots, He Scores

  1. Oh, so now he plays a game where you take a white ball and knock all the colored balls off the table? Clearly, he’s not at all progressive.
    Damn, it must be easy to be a crazy person.

  2. Jude, I haven’t been around as much lately, so I may have missed some context to your comment above. Am I a crazy person because I don’t believe Obama is a progressive? And yes, I have slightly more educated reasons than you say for believing he’s not so.
    (And please bear in mind that, though you may not recognize me, I used to be a semi-regular commenter here at FD, but stupid work wants me to actually work lately. So, I should have a reasonable amount of cred stored up as a not-troll or otherwise unsavory character.)

  3. Context?
    I was just trying to mock the Obama haters, I guess.
    Of course he’s not liberal enough for most of us. But I was trying to say something about the hand-wringers who infer (from whatever minor statement or photo-op) that Obama is basically Bush Lite and therefore not deserving of any support/votes.
    Also, you’d have to work a lot harder than that to come across as a troll. I mean, you didn’t even have any ad hominem attacks.

  4. Okay…Now that I’m sure you’re not making fun of the number ofgood reasons to lack faith in Obama, I feel a bit better. My intention is not to hijack a perfectly happy thread. I’ll just leave with my sanity not in question and my FD cred intact. 🙂

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