Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Sicko Math Edition

Freeper comment of the day, on losses in Afghanistan:

Our prayers go out to the families of those brave soldiers. However, for the BBC to call these losses “heavy” is misleading. US Heavy losses are:

Antietam: North: One Day: 2108
South: Same Day: 1,546

D Day: 1465 Dead

Those are heavy casualties for a single day of fighting. God bless our troops and give us the wisdom to keep things in perspective.

Yes. God grant you the unholy strength not to give a shit too much.

F*ng cowards we’re fighting there. Come out and die like a man if you have the guts!

Who’s WE, you flobbering buttplug?

Anyone who considers 9 killed to be ‘heavy losses’ is just exposing their ignorance.

“And God bless the families” stapled on at the end of this doesn’t make it any less horrifying.

With all due respect to the value of these precious patriots’ lives, we are a ntion of wimps if losing 8 soldiers is “heavy losses.” IIRC, in March of 1945 we lost over 20,000 men.

That makes those who died today so much LESS DEAD! Thanks, Freepi!

There’s only so much that can be learned in two and a half months of basic training. Who knows, a few years from now, some soldier may live because something in the back of his mind told him not to bunch up or not to move about predictably etc, etc, etc.

Even for the Freepi, this thread is pretty repulsive.


8 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Sicko Math Edition

  1. I believe I read the base the Taliban tried to overrun had a total compliment of between 100 and 150. Losing nine out of that number, KIA of between 6 and 9 percent, is “heavy,” no matter which war you’re talking about.

  2. Especially since it’s right on track withour year over year casualty increase since we started pulling troops out of Afghanistan en masse for our little Iraq adventure:
    Afghanistan: Number of Casualties
    2001: 12 (October-December only)
    2002: 69 (+43.75%)
    2003: 57 (-17.39%)
    2004: 58 (+1.75%)
    2005: 130 (+124.14%)
    2006: 191 (46.92%)
    2007: 232 (21.47%)
    2008: 142 (YTD)

  3. Jeebus, that last one is the worst. Shorter freeper: “In the future, maybe our brave soldiers won’t be so effing stupid.”
    There just aren’t words for that kind of ick. Flobbering buttplug comes close, but doesn’t quite cover this one.

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