15 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. Cool little video about the first living earthling in space.

    Also the inspiration for one of my favorite foreign films, ‘My Life as a Dog’.

  2. Quick, someone park the truck on the tube – they’re getting their snark all over everything!!!

  3. Hi Athenae. Piggybacking on the “50 most” list…I wouldn’t give it a second thought. Very heavy on the tech industry and the photogenic. Cox on, digby off – any questions? (No Jane, no Christy, no Jessica, no Joan, no Marcy, I could go on. But that Rachel sure is cute!)

  4. pansypoo overcame luddism and got her zip drive to work somewhat. so MORE posts. but, an appointment has been made for pansy. it looked bad last night. sounds bad. off to hug a spare.

  5. Sick of going to parties nowadays where people take “Hello” as an opportunity to tell you whom they’re voting for, follow up with why, waggle their fingers at me for having silly political notions and put me off my wine and fondue.
    Yeah, you can say I’m a bit jaded.

  6. maitri, wine and fondue are among those certain uninalienable right with which you were endowed by your creator.
    To the ramparts, comrade!

  7. Venturing into the bowels of Seattle today. Out of my forest lair and into a sordid land of socialist coffee shops, tapas bars and teh gay folks. Such a den of vice and turpitude, the birthplace of the Frappaccino, and the heart of strange Gothic logger guitar licks.
    I’m gonna have such fun!

  8. This doesn’t have anything to do with my blog, but several of the Iraq resisters are facing deportation from Canada on the orders of the Harper Government and against the wishes of Parliament and the Canadian people. If you’re interested in helping, the War Resisters Support Campaign has a website atresisters.ca.

  9. 1)yes, I’m late, I know.
    2)I am, once again, whoring other people’s blogging. Because over at my place, I’m just picking my navel and posting music videos, when I post at all that is. Oy vey, the writing, it’s so crappy over there… and such tiny portions!!!!
    3)I am, once again, whoring LesbianDad. Why? Because I like to make Athenae cry:

    A day can go by, probably more now, after the fullness of kids, when we don’t manage to hug or kiss one another. But we roll over and curl into one another’s bodies in our sleep, expecting to feel some part of the other — ankle, waist, wrist — as much as we expect the feel of the sheets. Our love is no longer the spark in the air between us, it’s the air itself. We are an old married couple, about to get married.

    4) There are good reasons for all the above.

  10. wine and fondue are among those certain uninalienable right with which you were endowed by your creator
    Shit yes, cheese, booze and reasonable conversation after a long week of hard work is the least I ought to have coming to me. Don’t need morons picking on me for my political leanings when I want to relax.

  11. Whenever I see that “Oh Fuck. The Internet is here.” picture, I have to smile and smile. Not merely because seeing a bunch of people in Guy Fawkes masks makes one smile, but because it means that all those hours I spent solo picketing the Salt Lake City Scientology store back in the 1990s were not in vain.
    (Now I don’t picket at the request of my elderly parents. So, it’s nice to turn that over to the Internets.)

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