Republicans Are Shitbags

Yep. Shitbags.

I mean, really. What else can you say?

Some Republican shitbag paid to put this billboard up in Orlando. Really. That’s not Photoshop, that’s not a joke.

So, let’s review:

  • The 9/11 attacks happened during George W. Bush’s presidency.
  • George W. Bush is a Republican
  • Ergo, having a Democrat as president means that something similar will happen again.

What. The. Fuck.

How does anyone come to that conclusion? The logic of the fuckingunderpants gnomes makes more fucking sense than that.

As for all the people who shrug and say “It’s a free country,” well, they’re right. The government has no business stepping in and telling this shitbag what he can or cannot say. But that doesn’t mean that some things are so tasteless as to pass without remark or rebuke. And, if enough people find something so horribly offensive as to make public statements about it, that ain’t censorship. Additionally, if people decide to boycott this shitbag’s business because they are offended by what he’s done, well, that ain’t censorship, either. That’s pure capitalism.

So. Republicans are shitbags. Yeah, yeah. I’m not exactly giving out new information here.

I think that this billboard is the sort of thing that enterprising reporters ought to ask John McCain about. I mean, if Barack Obama has to answer for everything every Democrat/black person/liberal advocacy group/crazy preacher/etc says, then shouldn’t we apply the same standard to McCain? I realize, of course, that having Obama answer for any and all of those people is a stupid, stupid thing. But if those are the rules applied to one candidate, they should be applied to all. 

What a fucking asshole.

14 thoughts on “Republicans Are Shitbags

  1. Don’t forget Republican Governor George Pataki and Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani.
    PS – Go fuck yourself Florida. Your Republican Governor Jeb Bush did a nice job of allowing those terrorists to train at your flight schools and President Bush was reading ‘The Pet Goat’ while Americans were burning alive.
    PPS – Orlando is a giant shithole.
    PPPS – I’m in Florida now and was in NYC on 9/11 and NOTHING pisses me off more than Nowheresville assholes talking about keeping America safe from terrorists. It’s you crackerass monkeydicks who are to blame for thinking Iraq had something to do with the attacks in the first place. It’s sheltered morons like you who were beating Sikhs to death in the days after 9/11 for payback combining the worst aspects of vigilante justice and horseshoes.

  2. When you consider the following–9/11 happened under a Republican president; the billboard is begging us not to vote for a Democrat; McSame’s adviser Charlie Blackteeth admits terrorism helps Republicans
    –you can only conclude that this billboard is BEGGING for another terror attack to occur.
    Thanks, assholes!

  3. Jude – you forget that it is all Clinton’s fault and 9/11 wouldn’t have happened if Clinton hadn’t been president / snark.
    Also, while we’re at it, the economic prosperity of the 90’s wasn’t Clinton’s but due to the prior republican admin. But the Crash of the last 7 years was the fault of the insurmountable problems put in place by Clinton.
    Now that my blood is boiling, blaming the crash on 9/11 even though if you look at the market, 9/11 caused a decrease and recovery over a couple of months. What about the last 1/2 year?
    And before Bush the dollar was worth more than a euro (by memory, like 1.2 or 1.4). and has steadily declined to the point that it is now only like 0.6 or 07 euros. Or closer to home, the Canadian dollar is worth more than the American.

  4. A Toast to Molly Iving (Bushwhacked). She predicted it 10 years ago. She got it right.
    Bush has consistently shown a string of businesses which he took over and left in ruin (except for being rescued by some unknown benefactor).
    He did it in Texas
    Now he has done it nationally.

  5. And the economy does better under Republicans, too!
    When Bush ran in 2000, I reminded people of the three things Republican presidents do — get us into war, tank the economy, and increase the debt. I lost all my Republican friends because they were so in love with Dubya. Here we are, 7 years later, with the economy tanked, TWO wars, and everyone in debt.
    You think they would learn, but they don’t.

  6. Beech Outdoor Advertising is a locally-owned billboard company in Central Florida, which is about as right wing crazy as South Carolina, so it doesn’t surprise me at all.

    The company that owns the billboard, Beech Outdoor Advertising, views it as a fundamental first amendment issue and for that reason wouldn’t censor the ad. The billboard will be up until after the November election.

    I wonder if they’d take a NARAL ad, or an giant photo of flooded New Orleans superimposed with “Please Don’t Vote for a Republican”? Something tells me their view of the First Amendment isn’t the ACLU’s.

  7. So would I be expressing my first amendment rights if I were to take a shitload of black spraypaint to that thing?
    I’m just askin’.

  8. BuggyQ, probably not– but if you don’t leave any paint cans with your prints on ’em around the scene, and you go in at, like, 3 a.m., you can probably get away with it.
    Of course if it were me, I’d use a potato gun and rotten eggs.
    Just sayin’.

  9. This guy Meecham is a total sleeze who probably never got any attention from his fucked up republican family when he was young. The nerve using those pictures and opening up new wounds for those who lost loved ones in those towers is un excusable and shows just how far the republican party is willing to go to get their flunky like McCain in office. I am not saying Obama has the answers but at least it would be better than we have now. People like this scum probably never served in the military and like George Wrong always had the silver spoon in their mouth while the rest had plastic spoons and how any one can support this crime against humanity showing the towers burning is just as fucked up as he is. BUT look at the sorce.It happened in Florida.The state who shoved G W down our throats so since they did that I am not surprised by anything that happens in that fucked up state.

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