6 thoughts on “Good Reporter. Have A Cookie.

  1. LOL!!
    How did that make it past the sharp eyes of the editor/enforcer?

  2. Dumb Question: and can we assume that his years in the Senate will give him a nice little nest egg (not to mention that his political power will give him even more opportunities for “consulting” and speaking engagements as somewhat more than the minimum wage?

  3. But, under Obama’s socialistic tax plan, his heiress wife will have to pay MORE TAXES!!!
    Poor rich folk. . .
    But, seriously, if the old man were any more hypocritical, he’d be a hippopotamus.

  4. My first reaction is why do you defame the Hippos?
    But I also admit, hippos sit in the water, defecate on their backside and use their twirling tail to sling their feces. Apparently, they think it is a babe magnet.

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