That McCain — What A Cut-Up!

Or as Chris Matthews would say, HA! Ben Smith is nostalgic for the days when male politicians could crack rape jokes without being subject to “political correctness:

Ever hear that joke about waterboarding? How about the one about killing Iranians? And why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?

If you aren’t familiar with those witty japes, then you’ve missed out on John McCain’s lighter side. Rooted in a time before there was political correctness, and before there was the “South Park” backlash against political correctness, McCain’s wisecracking persona is cutting at times, self-deprecating at others, and always amused by the political process swirling around him. Even in his pursuit of the White House, the candidate has — sometimes to the dismay of his handlers — managed to keep his sense of humor.

I wouldn’t say we’vemissed those brilliant comic stylings, Ben. In fact, I think I could probably live a pretty happy life, the onerous demands of being a decent person notwithstanding, without missing for one second John McCain’s sparking repartee.

Fuck me blind. And then it gets worse:

Earlier in his political career, the Arizona press reported that he’d cracked a rape joke that would now probably end any politician’s career, a joke his aides then and now say he doesn’t recall making.

Oh, sure, now it would end his political career, so it’s a good thing he said itback then, before all the liberals pussified us by making us treat women like human beings.

Besides, John McCain is manly and strong:

To McCain’s friends and supporters, the humor is a mark of his authenticity. To his detractors, some of the jokes are offensive and out of touch with contemporary mores. What’s undeniable, though, is that the humor, with its political risks and, to some, its charm, is intrinsic to John McCain. He is a man of a certain generation, with a machismo forged from his experience as a Navy pilot and an aviator, a candidate who is more comfortable in his own skin than with a teleprompter.

I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

But guys! The jokes are funny to the backwards-ass mouthbreathing fuckwits he’s telling them to!

McCain hasn’t toned down the jokes, which often play better with the audiences at his town halls than when snipped out and recycled on YouTube, as was the case in an incident in which he — in jest — referred to a young man who asked about his age as “you little jerk,” before telling him, “You’re drafted.”

Emphasis mine, because once again, it’s the Internets’ fault! Damn you, YouTube!

And it’s hard out here for a pimp now that you can’t demean people with less power in order to make your pathetic ass feel like a big man:

“The world has changed,” former Sen. Kerrey said. “It’s a lot harder to tell jokes than it used to be.”

I so hate this argument, by the way. “It’s a generational thing, being a sexist, racist prick. That used to be okay! Now it’s not! Who can keep up?” I have older male friends and I had a grandfather and you know, not one of them ever picked on the political equivalent of the weaker kid in order to look cool for the room and then blamed it on his age bracket. And to basically say, “My generation is full of jackholes because nobody was there to stop us” is just about the most offensive thing you could say about your contemporaries. Besides a rape joke or two, that is.


13 thoughts on “That McCain — What A Cut-Up!

  1. Thanks A. I’ve always wanted to make tasteless racist and sexist remarks around work.
    Now all I have to do is say I’m using McCain humor and they can’t touch me!

  2. I’m getting sick and tired of the classic wing nut, ‘It’s a JOKE’ line to be used to excuse a horrible sexist racist comment.
    And you know what just occurred to me? The new, “Liberals have lost their sense of humor” is an preemptive attack on our outrage over their inappropriate jokes.

  3. Yah, f*ck rape jokes! Let’s get back to talkin’ dirty and using “fuck” to shock people and demean ’em an’ stuff!
    ‘Cause “fuck” is not about sex or rape or anything…it’s just about, well, you know. Aw, fuck you! (Sorry, A, not disagreeing with your point at all. But if we’re gonna talk about “appropriate,” there’s a few fingers on that hand pointing back at us, too. I hate rape jokes. But the more I think about the free use of that favorite Anglo-Saxon “obscenity,” the more I think about what it’s saying, and how it reveals our attitudes about sex. Still.)

  4. This kinda puts the kabosh on GOPers attempts to rewrite history and present themselves as non-racist and non-sexist, though. You know, they keep trotting out the fact that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and I’m pretty sure McCain was still around back then.

  5. He is a man of a certain generation, with a machismo forged from his experience as a Navy pilot and an aviator…
    McCain would have been right at home atTailhook – probably at the lead edge of The Gauntlet.

  6. Yah, f*ck rape jokes! Let’s get back to talkin’ dirty and using “fuck” to shock people and demean ’em an’ stuff!
    Maybe we could be a little less hung up on the meaning ofindividual words and start looking at how they’re hung together. Just a thought. I mean, after all, you can tell a perfect rape joke without ever stooping to use one ofthose four-letter words, and you can be completely non-misogynist and still swear like a British tar.
    ‘Cause “fuck” is not about sex or rape or anything…
    At least “fuck” by itself is pretty non-partisan. I can fuck something, you can fuck something, Athenae could fuck something, I could even go fuck myself, if I felt like it. Misogyny really only works one way; it’s always the stronger party stepping on the weaker party, which is precisely why that sort of “humour” doesn’t work. Humour is by its nature subversive, and “humour” that reinforces the oppressive status quo, isn’t.
    there’s a few fingers on that hand pointing back at us, too.
    No, only one, which is one fuck of a lot better than a rape joke. I can handle the one-gun salute. Having very nearly actuallybeen raped, however, is an experience John McCain knows nothing about, I wager…unlike me.
    But the more I think about the free use of that favorite Anglo-Saxon “obscenity”
    Why the scare quotes? Itis an obscenity. Better obscenities than profanities, I figure, since at least putatively obscene things are demonstrably real, whereas profanity isalways in the eye of the beholder (and they ought to pluck it out ASAP if not sooner).
    I guess that’s a rather long-winded, highfalutin’ way of saying I don’t think McCain has atone problem, I think he is a bigot, and, as Pat Buchanan and William Safire have demonstrated so ably over the past half-century or so, it’s entirely possible to be a stone bigot without giving people with concerns abouttone problems an instant’s pause.

  7. I admit I’m not the most “hip” person on the intertubes, but I didn’t realize that “insufferable ass” and “arrogant prick” were actually “styles of humor.”
    Or are they now “lifestyle choices”? I just can’t keep up…

  8. What Slim said.
    I honestly do not get where this “product of his generation” business lets people off the hooktoday. Even back in the day, a fair number of people knew that racism was wrong. And to suggest that the generational excuse should get anyone off the hook is to suggest that some people are too farking stupid to learn.
    And I would humbly observe that we’ve had quite enough of that in the White House over the past 40+ years, thank you very much.

  9. Had a terrible thought this afternoon:
    So if a person of color makes a “joke” about killing whitey, that is now OK with McCain?
    And those rap lyrics – we all know that they’re OK because they’re just the rappers being themselves?

  10. But it’s been indisputably established by empirical methodology that Republicans and conservatives are incapable of humor and, therefore, cannot tell a joke, unless it’s one that not funny.
    EXHIBIT A: Dennis Miller

  11. The only way a Republican can win over a Democrat in a humor contest is by redefining humor.

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