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What Oyster says:

America’s reaction to the deflation of the housing/credit
bubble, and to the Bush Administration and the Federal Reserve’s
attempts to sustain the economy by eviscerating the dollar’s value (and
freeing the inflation genie) has been, essentially:Gas Prices are TOO HIGH because environmentalists won’t let us drill more!

your tax dollars are bailing out reckless Wall St. firms and providing
an unlimited backstop to cover Freddie’s fannie, the talking heads are
telling you to direct your anger at those who … oppose oil drilling!

It’s madness. It’s blind madness.

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5 thoughts on “Another edition of…

  1. Well, it was the Polar Bears breaking into the vaults at Indymac on a Sunday that caused the bank-run.
    It’s a Wonderful Life “It’s in his house, and his house, and in his business…”
    One of those houses is ‘of Saud’, another is in Crawford, and that business is just a little upstart Texas drilling company called Halliburton.
    Somebody must be jailed for this, and it better not be an environmentalist.

  2. You forgot “Food prices are TOO HIGH because environmentalists are turning all the crops into biofuels!” Which, as I’ve amply documented on my blog, is the kind of pure-grade bullshit you really might want to make biogas out of…
    It’s like a fun game of Mad Libs (that’s what they call us, after all): “____________ is/are TOO HIGH because environmentalists ______________!!ZOMG11teen!”

  3. Here in Utah recently Rep. Rob Bishop, as reliable a rethug rubber-stamp as you could hope for (Utah being the reddest of the red states), has gotten his pasty face on the news claiming the same thing, that the danged! en-VIRO-m’n’tl’sts are hurting the poor! Not only has he eagerly voted in lockstep with every pro-billionaire, anti-poor measure that BushCo has proposed, he’s a former–and probably future, when the people in the 1st cong. district of Utah realize what an idiot he is–lobbyist for Energy Solutions, formerly Envirocare, the company that is currently trying to import European nuclear waste to dumps in Utah, about fifty miles from Salt Lake City. Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican!

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