Stupidest. Terrorists. Ever.

Dumbfellas. Unwise guys.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel accused six Arabs on Friday of trying to set up an al Qaeda cell in Israel and said one of them had proposed attacking helicopters used during a visit by President George W. Bush.

Israel’s Shin Bet counter-intelligence agency said one of the suspects had used his mobile phone to film helicopters at a sports stadium in Jerusalem that was used as a landing site for Bush’s delegation.

The suspect then posted queries on Web sites frequented by al Qaeda operatives, asking for guidance on how to shoot down the helicopters, the agency said in a statement.

Emphasis mine.

I think we need to start putting it on T-shirts: EVERYONE CAN SEE THE INTERNET.


7 thoughts on “Stupidest. Terrorists. Ever.

  1. I think we need to start putting it on T-shirts: EVERYONE CAN SEE THE INTERNET.

    And yet, we need to listen to people’s phone calls … or else WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!
    To be honest, I find this “plot” rather suspicious. I really don’t think the terrorists are that stupid. But the crap-your-pants American public is pretty damn gullible.

  2. SB, oh, I believe somebody’s dumb enough to try to do this. Whether it constituted the kind of threat that should have us all hiding under our beds with the Cheetos is what’s still unclear.

  3. They gotta be kidding. This was THE plot from the season 1 cliffhanger/season 2 intro episode of NCIS.
    Israeli intelligence agents and all.

  4. Something doesn’t seem to fit. If they were “mature” terrorists, wouldn’t they know how to down a copter already?
    Kind of reminds me of the Pizza Delivery guy terrorist who was gonna storm a military base and the Miami Rastafarian terrorist who were gonna destroy targets in Chicago – despite not knowing anything about Chicago.

  5. Reminds me of those “terrorists” who were plotting to collapse the Brooklyn Bridge using a cube van and a blowtorch.
    For what it’s worth, the Israeli hard right is having aball with this story. They’re reading this as proof positive that everyone in the world but the US is completely out to get them, and that the only possible response is to lash out militarily at anyone and everyone. They’re scary, scary people and they need to be legislatively stomped.

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