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FromThe Corner:

McCain Tomorrow  [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

He’llbe on an oil rig tomorrow, actually, something Rush suggested on his show Monday.

What a wonderful opportunity to make their point. One moment…Following that link isthis:

The campaign has been discussing having McCain visit an offshore oil
rig during his visit, but it’s not certain whether that is still on the
agenda. A campaign aide would only say that McCain is planning to do
“an event in the region” Thursday.

Storms forecast for the area might cause the rig visit to be canceled and another event substituted.

Ooops and this:

It’s also possible that the campaign would not want to have McCain
highlighting his support for increased drilling in the Outer
Continental Shelf at a time officials are dealing with a spill of an
estimated 9,000 barrels of diesel fuel into the Mississippi River.

More on that oil spill here


And at theTimes Picayune

UPDATE:Apparently now the whole trip to NOLA is canceled:

“The meeting with Governor Jindal has been postponed and we are
cancelling the trip to the rig due to weather,” said spokesman MIchael

McCain will now fly from Pennsylvania to Ohio.  He had originally
planned to fly tonight from Pennsylvania to New Orleans to be staged
there for morning departure to the rig.


6 thoughts on “Not so fast

  1. If McCain doesn’t see the oil spill on the river then the GOP can say that it didn’t happen. The opportunity cost is that it denies Puyish Bobby Jindal the chance to demonstrate his excorcism powers.

  2. Dumb Question: Dolly is hitting land in south Texas (that is, heading west). Dolly is a cat 2. Hurricaines tend to push the bad weather before them and leave good weather behind.
    Putting these together, what disaster of Biblical proportions is Dolly causing in NOLA that it could posssibly deter our brave pilot?

  3. what disaster of Biblical proportions is Dolly causing in NOLA that it could posssibly deter our brave pilot?
    Hurricane paths can be just as unpredictable as tornados.

  4. If you look at the NOAA pages, they have the Hurricaine path probabilities drawn out. 3 Day predications are extremely reliable with deviations usually being small.
    Even in the worst case scenario for NOLA of Dolly reversing course, they’d still have a couple of days warning.
    In short, no reason for McCain to Cancel.

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