I’ve Lost That Blogging Feeling…

I don’t know for sure if I have outgrown blogging or if blogging has simply passed me by, but regardless of which is true I have been lurking for some time now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Kudos to Athenae for the marvelous, four-year ride here at First Draft.

39 thoughts on “I’ve Lost That Blogging Feeling…

  1. We sure enjoyed it, Holden. I think you read to many transcripts of the Bush Administration’s blather– would tire out anyone.

  2. I don’t know how you lasted this long documenting the crazy lies, bumbles, and brainwrecks that spring forth and multiply every day. I lost the ability to follow this stuff daily about two WH spokesdrones ago. You should get a medal for lasting this long. I brought up George W. Bush to a lovely intelligent friend of mine in 2002 and her response was to put her hands up to her ears and go “La-la-la-la-I-can’t-hear-you-la-la-we-don’t-mention-his-name-ever-la-la!” and in hindsight I believe she had the right approach.
    I learned a lot about language and good humor and paying attention from your obsessions over the past several years.
    Thank you!

  3. You’ll be missed, Holden, but it’s been a great time reading your Freedom Nuggets and presser summaries. Happy non-blogging!

  4. 4 more months! 4 more months!
    These motherfuckers have lapped ridicule and disbelief, frankly.
    Thanks for the commentary, brother. Wind at your back and all that rot…

  5. Damn, Holden. This is sort of a shock. I found First Draft via a (BOR) link to one your posts and thought, hey this is an Austin dude, think I’ll read this blog. Lo, those many years ago.
    Vaya con Dios. I hope all is well in your world.

  6. I had a feeling this was coming.
    FWIW, last winter I decided to take a month off – no blogging, didn’t even pay much attention to the news. I felt much better when I came back. I’ll probably do it again after the election.
    Maybe I’ll pick up the Gaggle.

  7. Frak.
    Take a break dude. Renew. Refresh. We all need it. Nobody can keep up the pace for ever. I thought I’d be done after Kerry won 🙁
    Thank you for your service.

  8. Do what works for you, but do it knowing that reading your stuff works for a lot of people.

  9. Holden,
    Your work presenting Your President Speaks! helped me laugh many times, instead of getting unhealthily further upset with the state of things. Thanks and enjoy whatever you do next.

  10. OH NOES
    How can the man responsible for Peak Pony leave us like this? In the middle of… whatever we’re in the middle of. Damn you!
    The Global War on Plurals will continue, but it will not be documented.
    What we’ve got here is… wahhhhhhhhh.
    But I understand.
    Thank you.

  11. So long and thanks for all the ponies!
    I found this blog through HOWTG. Wading through the torrents of stupid unleashed by this upper-class twit we have for a President and his Keystone Kops administration has got to have been a soul-sucking task; so I understand your getting burned out. Let me say I enjoyed reading your commentary.
    This feels like Steve Jobs leaving Apple. Maybe after a sabbatical you’ll find yourself re-energized and have something new to say. Hope to see you around from time to time.

  12. I’ll miss ya, Holden.
    You’re one of the reasons I started writing on blogs.
    Travel safe, be well — let us hear from you sometimes, eh?

  13. If anyone deserves a break, it’s you, Holden.
    Is it too soon to ask for the rights to “Holy Crap™”?
    Enjoy life. So few people actually do.
    Keep in touch, amigo.

  14. Thank you so much for all I have learned from your postings. As a thought, are you open to a guest blog when the approval rating falls below more major milestones – 20 % 15 % 10 %???

  15. Holden,
    you will be missed. Your President Speaks! is one of my favorite things on the internet.
    Take care of the ponies.

  16. Holden,
    I miss not being able to read you at Big Baby Blue Satan’s during the day. You’re certainly one talented mo-fo!
    Take care and enjoy your hiatus. Hope you find your groove, much like Stella.

  17. Sad. ‘Twas the Gaggle that killed him, strong man though he was.
    Where in heck are all the ponies gonna go?
    Obviously the frilly dress goes to NTodd.
    Seriously, you’re gonna be missed.

  18. No more “freedom nuggets”?
    Miss you already and hope you’ll return soon.

  19. Hey pony boy. Love you. Hope you return…if you feel like it.
    You’re one of the best. Thanks for making me laugh.

  20. Holden, you shall one day reside in the Blogging Hall of Fame where sun-baked princesses shall fan you with fresh palm fronds and feed you cool peeled grapes while you debate the state of affairs with the likes of Billmon.

  21. Take that time, Holden. The interwebs ain’t gonna collapse anytime soon, but they will be greatly diminished without you around for a while.

  22. Holden – thank you so much for your efforts in keeping us informed about the brainwreck. I have enjoyed reading your posts for years, especially your acerbic headlines. The best of luck to you.

  23. Clearly the stupid has caused cranial injury, and really, even the Idiot Speaks lacks the punch it once had since the Idiot is Irrelevent, except for vetoing worthwile legislation.
    So lurk away Holden, come Jan 21 or whatever you can resume perhaps with a new segment, “The President Speaks, and People Listen” or “The President Speaks, and Makes Sense” or “The President Speaks, and It Turns Out that Presidents DO Speak English!!!!”
    Thank you, but will happen to Les Aspin, without you he disappears back into the mindless sea of mdeiaocrity?

  24. ponies to you Holden…I agreed with nearly everything you’ve said over the years (I still can’t believe you’re from Texas). Best of luck in your lurking.

  25. Geez, I come back from 3 days off-line (no computer or internet access at the FeralFarm) to this?
    Please make a guest appearance on occasion, especially when Chimpy breaks the all-time low approval ratings. You know it’s gonna happen…

  26. Holden,
    I just got home from a 7 day vacation (why does a retiree need a vacation?) only to find one of the things that keeps me sane is to be no more. I will miss your posts, and that is the understatement of the day.
    Like the others here, I give you my big thank you for all of the laugh breaks you gave us. Thanks, and the best of luck with where ever you decide to go in the future.

  27. Holden, I just heard about your hiatus. At least, I hope it’s just a hiatus, and not permanent.
    One blogger’s experience: although I startedBlast Off! in August of ’04, I quit just after the ’04 elections, tried again in March and April of ’05, but then let it go again for a year and a half while I dealt with some rather profound personal struggles. Having made it through the rain (© Barry Manilow), I came back in October of ’06 and have been rolling ever since.
    Some days I don’t feel like blogging. So, now, I don’t, rather than force it. I hope that when you feel again like you wouldn’t be forcing it, you’ll return to regale us all with your wit and wisdom. Safe journeys, my friend.

  28. We told you that listening to Bush everyday was bad for your health. Now you’ve got to go lie down for a while.
    I’ve gone on walkabout myself, mate – we’ll keep fighting until you feel like coming back.
    Best of luck.

  29. You’ve definitely earned a rest, with all the amazing and time-consuming work you did. Your Gaggle and Freedom Nuggets&trade will be greatly missed. You do have a great gift for distilling the essence of Chimpy into bite-size chunks of fiery stupid. Heck, I’ll even miss your DarbyBlogging and ragging on Athenae’s Saturn. Your influence on the Blogosphere extends from the Tastee Freez to your Elysian Stables.
    You’d still better keep track of your ponies, as I’m certain you’ll have more before the long, dark night is finally over.
    And you’d better come back often, Pony Boy, especially to celebrate the Chimp’s riding off into the Paraguayan sunset.
    Farewell now, Holden of the Mark! Ride to good fortune, and ride back soon to our welcome!
    And Holy Crap!&trade

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