A Quick Thank You

To everybody who came out to Mad River Grille last night to the reading. It was a little like my wedding; I kept saying “Oh hiiiiiiiiiii, thank you for coming, so good to see you, what are you up to OMG SO AND SO’S LEAVING I NEED TO GO TELL HIM SOMETHING” and then I looked up and it was four hours later, everyone was gone, I was a little drunk and feeling very guilty for not talking to anybody enough. Actually, it was a lot like my wedding. But seriously, the turnout was awesome, and your support — for me and thisbig story about a little newspaper — is just one of the things about the Internets that knocks me back every time.

Mr. A was too busy gladhanding to be the papparazzo this time, but I am toldthe handsome and talented Spork who came all the way into town will have pictures eventually. Just a rumor. Based on the GIANT CAMERA he was carrying around.

I continue to heart NY muchly. We’re getting LA scheduled for this fall, so once I have a place and time all you West Coast peeps will know it. Because if there’s anything better than an evening with the Internet, I don’t know what it is.


3 thoughts on “A Quick Thank You

  1. Well, if you’re going to LA you have to come to Portland. If you come before Halloween it might not even be raining yet.

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