9 thoughts on “Kitty!

  1. Oh, that made my day!
    Slightly related: I finally got some pictures of good (and now one year) old Tigger and will be getting them ready for Friday cat blog posts.
    Tiggs’ favorite toy is a laser pointer thing I bought specifically for him. He’ll literally climb the walls chasing the red dot.

  2. Michael…I’ll watch for the pics. I need to get one of those for Willie

  3. That’s one kitteh that’s *really* going to believe in Cat Ghosts. I love the other cat at the end–“Dude, let it go. It’s like John McCain–there’s just no explaining it.”

  4. This is almost as cute as the video of baby moose playing in the sprinkler over on CO.
    Almost as cute, but much funnier.

  5. Laughing my tush off is a good way to start a bad day. My intertubes end tonight until teh 8th.
    Funny thing is that Patch Kat started doing this same thing in my office yesterday with the window A/C unit, and he is 2. Teh kittehs are strange.

  6. GG, teh Patch Kat kitteh must be ‘teched’ by teh Ceeling Cat and is teh speshul. 🙂
    I lurves teh kiddenz of evry ayge. They manage to combine elegance, panache and yet be complete goobers at the drop of a hat.

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