21 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. “Little Sunni Foo-Foo was limping thru the Checkpoint…”
    “Um, sir, I think it’s “Little Bunny Foo-Foo was hopping thru the forest…””
    “Fuck off you c*nt!!!”

  2. spokesmanreview.com/breaking/story.asp?ID=15898
    sheesh . . sorry am NOT A SPAMMER but the link would not upload in completion

  3. Grrrrrr! That’s how I’ll get Bid Ladn — by scaring him with my Lion’s Roar.
    …So I’m not a “sentient being” per se…
    …the so-called “Democrat Nominee” “Barack” “Obama”
    …”Britney Spears” who I understand is a popular singer…
    …look, I can still do this…

  4. “Cindy’s favourite you-know-what isthis big…”
    “And when they were teaching me to use the Gazoogle, they said I actually had to bend my fingers like this and touch this ‘keyboard’ thing. On television you can talk to computers…”

  5. Fuck captioning this…I’ve come from The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks. I’m still laughing. God bless the Intertubes!

  6. So I’ve doubled my typing speed on the Google. I’ve gone from two fingers to four.

  7. (best Dr Evil voice here) We will use the “LASER” to take care of this thing called an “ELECTION”…

  8. “The vice-president showed me how to claw the still-beating hearts out of infants. It goes somethings like *this*. That’s why you shouldn’t worry about my age.”

  9. I’m glad someone’s taking on unnecessary quotation marks. When that mission is accomplished, however, another one looms: grätüitöüs ümläüt.

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